Sunday, March 04, 2007

Martyr watch

I guess Jesus is just too cliché.
"Yes, that's it," Marilyn Plummer, Jake's mother, told The Denver Post when asked Friday if her son had retired. "I thought this would happen from the moment the season ended. He needs a break, but I foresee him doing something else. He's a lot like Pat Tillman. Pat would do something unexpected. Jake used to say, 'I wonder what Pat would have done next.' Jake is a lot like Pat. He has that same rebel soul."


Studiodave said...

Its true. Both were mediocre on the football field. (Too soon?)

Otto Man said...

You're on your own with that one, SD.

TravisG said...

I used to sign Pat Tillman in the first offseason of Madden 2000. He was always a free agent, and cheap. Plus, his hair looked cool. Second-best Madden portrait ever, after Deuce "The Scholar" McAllister in 2002, with his chin rested on his fist.

I also once fielded a defensive line that featured both Dingle brothers and one of the Peters.