Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pepe Le Pew

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows that the Republican Party is sinking to incredible new lows in popularity.

As you can see by the chart here to the right, the GOP is currently ranking somewhere between the ebola virus and a wet hot fart on the list of things Americans like. And since President Petulant Pissypants has stamped his feet and insisted he's never ever ever going to change course -- he's the Decider, dummies! Nyah nyah nyah! -- we can expect these trend lines to continue.

By the time Bush leaves office, I expect the Republican Party in NAMBLA territory. (My apologies for the unintended Mark Foley pun.) Seriously, given how much damage Bush is doing to his party's reputation right now, we could see the Republicans move to impeach him before the Democrats ever do.

There's an interesting rundown of what the poll says and what it means over at Crooked Timber. Rather than excerpting some of it here, I think you might as well read the whole damn thing. Have at it.


S.W. Anderson said...

It's what happens every time Republicans get total control for awhile. They do themselves in with their own excesses.

One especially interesting component of this recurring phenomenon is how, even while voting them into power, most people tell pollsters they oppose one thing after another the Republicans say they intend to do. It was that way with Nixon and it's been that way with Bush.

One possible and welcome upshot of this big shift could be that the fat cats who finance Republicans' campaigns might decide Republicans are no longer a sound investment.

That would really land them in a world of hurts.

Mike said...

Hey man, don't be dissing the wet hot fart! A lot of my friends are wet hot farts.

Thrillhous said...

Love the NAMBLA line.

Yeah, I figure the dems will undo as much of the gop damage as possible, then a blowjob will happen and the gop will be back in charge.

Mike said...

a blowjob will happen

I dunno, Thrill. That sort of no-subject action is straight from the GOP handbook. A Dem would definitely receive the BJ.

Then . . . he'd parse the language, etc.