Thursday, March 01, 2007

Japanese PM: Comfort Girls Wanted It

Apparently jealous of people like David Herschowitz Horowitz, who get so much press for denying the Holocaust, Japan's Dubya-like prime minister (Shinzo Abe) wants to deny one of his own country's atrocities.
Japan's nationalist prime minister denied Thursday that the country's military forced women into sexual slavery during World War II. . . .

"The fact is, there is no evidence to prove there was coercion," Abe said.
His remarks contradicted evidence in Japanese documents unearthed in 1992 that historians said showed military authorities had a direct role in working with contractors to forcibly procure women for the brothels.

The documents, which are backed up by accounts from soldiers and victims, said Japanese authorities set up the brothels in response to uncontrolled rape sprees by invading Japanese soldiers in East Asia.

Update: Horowitz's name fixed. Herschowitz is my downstairs neighbor. Only thing he denies is dinging my car door.


Mike said...

Abe is a total putz. As the hubby of a Korean woman, I follow Korean news a bit more than I otherwise would.

That said, this dude represents the nationist strain of Japanese politics. Looking to re-arm, to continue denying Japanese atrocitries against Koreans, Chinese, Indochinese, Filipinos, etc during the war. Things like the "Comfort Women," the Rape of Nanking, forced marches in Burma, etc. Abe represents a truly repulsive side of Japanese nationalism.

The analogy would be not only a denial of the slaughter, removal, and betrayal of the Native American Indians by Americans, but shrines and museums in honor of the settlers who committed the atrocities.

No snark: Abe's remark will have not only Koreans, but the Chinese too, up in arms.

Otto Man said...

Honest Abe my ass.

Thrillhous said...

Excellent description of Abe, Mike. He's a real pile.

InanimateCarbonRod said...

I know Ben Kenobi, and you sir are no Ben Kenobi.

Tokyo Joe said...

As your'alls man in Japan, I think I should probably chime in here. Mike is pretty spot-on with the analysis of this. Abe's comments really are the ugly side of recent nationalistic trends here in Japan. Maybe it's due to the way the war ended, but the Japanese have always had a hard time accepting their responisbilities for the attrocities they committed in the past. Hopefully, Abe pull's his head out of his ass before the international condemnation gets too great.