Thursday, February 08, 2007

Caption Contest

With the recent news that Pastor Ted has been "cured" of his meth-and-sodomy addictions, I thought he might appreciate the healing salvation of a caption contest.

Have at him.


Otto Man said...

"Papa! Papa, can you hear me?"

Wes said...

In a stunning coincidence, the phrase "big money, big nuts" was applicable to two posts in a row.

(Kind of meta, but just go with it.)


norbizness said...

Oh no, that sort of creative visualization is going to earn him 7,000 volts from his Overcome (TM) Shock Collar.

Otto Man said...

In Pastor Ted's version of "here's the church, here's the steeple," you open the doors to find that all the people are engaged in a meth-fueled gay orgy.

Shane Rollins said...

"I then I grabbed him real close and said BROTHER! Why do you tempt me with your delicious meth and your gorgeous [censored]"

Mike said...

. . . and Jesus actually showed me the beauty of two sweaty, strapping, GORR-jus manfolks linking legs and arms and necks and GEN-it-als and meth-am-PHET-amine pipes in a bond of holy love and passion.

But I realized that wasn't our sweet lord jeebus. It was none other than the dark one: Satan. And after three weeks of exorcize, I'm cured and there's no looking back, much as I'd like to.