Thursday, February 08, 2007

Rush to Judgment

Courtesy of With Leather, I'm delighted to see that Rush Limbaugh is continuing his crusade against reverse discrimination in the world of NFL quarterbacks.

When we last left our drug-addled hero, he was insisting the media only liked Donovan McNabb because he was black. McNabb, you'll remember, single-handedly carried the Eagles to a 12-4 record that year, marched them through the playoffs, and into their third-straight NFC championship game. Any praise he might have gotten for such an incredible effort was, of course, due to the fact that he's black. Obviously.

Well, now Rush is back, insisting that the media is heaping abuse on Rex Grossman now, simply because he's white.
It's just -- they're focusing on this guy like they don't focus on anybody! And I tell you, I know what it is. The media, the sports media, has got social concerns that they are first and foremost interested in, and they're dumping on this guy -- Rex Grossman -- for one reason, folks, and that's because he is a white quarterback.
Megadittos, Rush. Megadittos.

Surely, people aren't criticizing Grossman because he lost the Super Bowl. The Bears defense and special teams were terrific, putting up a touchdown on the first kickoff return and giving Rex a lead. Even when the Colts surged back, the Bears were still within five points. Until someone threw a horrible lame-duck pass that was intercepted and run back for a TD. (I'm pretty sure the guy who threw that INT was black. Hispanic, at least.) Grossman ended the game with 165 yds, 2 picks and a single touchdown. That's primo quality, there.

And, obviously, people aren't criticizing Grossman because of his regular season play. He had five instances of quarterback ratings under 50 in the last half of the season, with one of them -- the season finale against Green Bay -- meriting a big fat zero. Who could complain about that? Certainly not the guy in my fantasy league who went into a Monday Night game with a sizeable lead on his opponent, only to see his QB, Rex Grossman, put up four interceptions and lose the week for him.

Nope, it's clear that the sports media hates Rex Grossman because he's white, and they despise all white quarterbacks. Think about it. You never hear John Madden say a single kind word about Brett Farve, right? Sports Illustrated absolutely despises Tom Brady, who they clearly keep putting on the cover out of spite. The media never gives any attention to those Manning boys either. And I don't recall hearing much about John Elway, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw either. Nope, all the media wants to talk about is Doug Williams this and Doug Williams that.

Well, I'm sick of it. And Rush is too.

No, wait. That might be the OxyContin.


Mike said...

Wow. The fat fuck finally went over the line to complete insanity. This is so batty, I'm almost expecting you to tell me it's an Onion article.

Almost my ass, I am expecting you to tell me that.

S.W. Anderson said...

That photo of Limbaugh — the other end of the cigar should be in the other end of the pompous windbag.

InanimateCarbonRod said...

I'm going to scream if I hear one more word about what a great quarterback Aaron Brooks is.