Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Support the Troops

If you need to flex the outrage section of your brain, check out this post at Obsidian Wings.

You may be familiar with the fact that Bush is trying to balance the budget by repealing his tax cuts for the richest Americans short-changing medical care for our wounded soldiers. But the second story there is one you might not have seen. And it's one you need to read.


Mike said...

Oh my.

S.W. Anderson said...

Utterly disgusting and appalling.

Bush, of course, isn't concerned about what takes place after his time is up. He and his people will shift as much garbage, political consequences and political pain forward, on to the next administration, as possible.

Mr Furious said...

Thanks, OM. I followed that link over from Cole's place earlier, and after getting the gist of the budget crap, I bailed out. I never saw that second story.

I'm glad you pointed it out. Or, I'm outraged. Whatever. That's fucking infuriating. And I'll say it so Obama doesn't have to: "What a fucking waste."

Smitty said...

I blogged about this too. That being said, I disagree with the Chairman of the VA budget committee. He says "Either the administration is willingly proposing massive cuts in VA health care," said Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas, chairman of the panel overseeing the VA's budget, "or its promise of a balanced budget by 2012 is based on completely unrealistic assumptions."

Sure, the Administration could be bsing something on completely unrealistic assumtions; they certainly have that track record. But I also don't think they actually mean to cut VA banafits.

I think what they're doing is a common tactic with Executive Budget Proposals, in that you propose the slashing of some sacred cows to force your opposition party to protect something they might not have and grant political cover for your own party at the same time. I go into a little more detail in my post, but suffice it to say that it's worse that they're playing this game on the backs of our troops. It is the ultimate in cynical thoughts. Out of zillions of other sacred cows (economic development, healthcare research programs duplicated by the private sector, etc.), W chooses what he believes to be the ultinmate trump card. It just so happens to be one that kills people, that's all. Nothing big, right? You guys'll fund it, right?

Cynical asshole. This isn't a fucking Texas Hold 'Em game.