Thursday, February 15, 2007

The People's Poet

He's even lost the 7 year olds.
Even the kids seemed confused. One asked why he came. "I came to see you," the president responded. As the cameras clicked away, a 7-year-old boy made peace signs. "Put your hands down," Bush chided playfully.
I guess we can consider this a caption contest.


Mike said...

Losing the citizenry, one vote at a time.

(And George is so savvy, he loses 'em 10 years before they can vote.)

Wes said...

It's really astounding how it only takes one person to lower test scores for the entire school, isn't it?


The Doc said...

"Stop makin' them peace signs; you're makin' me look bad!"

InanimateCarbonRod said...

Honestly, I'm trying to come up with something funny. I just look at the photo of the most powerful man in the world swatting away peace signs made by 7 year olds and I just can't.

Wes said...

iRod, I went through the same crisis and came up with the ultimately unsatisfying caption shown on the left.

It just boggles the mind, really.


Otto Man said...

I think they're flashing his approval rating.

sideshow bob said...

Love that kid...he's got a real "fight the power" look to him.