Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm Not Dead Yet

Here at LLatPoN, we've made no secret of our love for the show Arrested Development. Its (non-official) cancellation was mourned, but apparently there's life in the girl yet.
Both ABC and Showtime have had conversations with 20th Century Fox TV and indicated they're open to making a deal for new episodes of the critically beloved, Emmy-winning comedy from creator Mitch Hurwitz. No formal negotiations have taken place, and there are still numerous hurdles that might prevent such a move -- including the show's hefty pricetag.

That said, those familiar with the talks described them as serious, with Showtime said to be in particularly hot pursuit of the ratings-challenged laffer, now on life support at Fox. SkeinSkein's third-season order was recently cut to 13 episodes.
And there was much rejoicing.


Otto Man said...

I think Rupert Murdoch work up one morning and said to himself, "I've made a horrible mistake."

sideshow bob said...

that's fuuny, otto!

I see they're keeping the horrible beyond words "Stacked" around...although in their last promo, hep-C poster girl Pam Anderson was nowhere to be seen...

Otto Man said...

If "According to Jim" can survive this long, "Stacked" will run forever.