Thursday, December 01, 2005

Left Behind

I'm too old and too busy to read stuff that sucks for the sheer ironic, hip comedy value, so I never even considered reading anything in that Left Behind series.

I may, however, have to take some time out to see the movie version.


Otto Man said...

What a great review. Sounds like the new "Left Behind" movies are even worse than their predecessor, the horrid Omega Code.

The "Left Behind" books were a huge hit even with non-nutcases. I wonder how many housewives would've read them if they knew that the Tim LaHaye authoring the books was the same one who helped found the Moral Majority back in the late '70s.

Studiodave said...

"First comes the Rapture, when Christians are sucked up to heaven, leaving the unsaved behind."

On the upside, before the burning and Satan's torture starts, it will be an awesome party with all those churchy "don't drink" types are gone. My wife will probably let me get break the "slur your name - stop drinking" rule.

sideshow bob said...

"Why, oh-why, did I choose to be gay?!?"