Thursday, December 15, 2005

Welfare States

In a typically brilliant post over at his place, TBogg quotes a sarcastic conservative comment about "rubes in middle America [you know - the people who fight the wars, pay the taxes, etc.]." In typical liberal fashion, TBogg responds to this wanker's claim with the unfair use of facts, data and reason.

First, TBogg references a fact that's probably familiar to most liberals by now, namely that the Red States are generally the ones who get more back from the federal government than they pay into its coffers in the form of taxes.

But he also challenges the other half of that conservative assumption, the claim that "middle America" does all the fighting. As this map shows, a surprisingly large number of our soldiers killed in Iraq come from the decadent cities of the Blue States.

Is there anything that the Red States are doing while the Blue States are out there paying taxes and fighting wars? Does the Republican War on Science and Foreign Languages really take up all their time?


Thrillhous said...

That map of where our fallen soldiers come from is obviously biased.

If it were truly accurate, it would show not only those who have died in service, but also those who really and truly wanted to serve but couldn't, such as those with terrible health problems like butt cysts or a pregnant wife. And there's also all those guys who rushed down to the recruitment centers only to find that there was a bunch of minorities taking up all the good spots.

Those are your true patriots, my friend.

Studiodave said...

If they tracked American flags on cars, you would get a real sense of sacrific you pinko bastard.

Mr Furious said...



I never heard of that asshat that made the comment, but the thing that pisses me off is that they (the rubes) all believe that shit!

What percentage of the 10 million people who live in New York City are Upper East Side elites? As far as the jackasses in the red states are concerned it's all theater patron pussies and savage criminals. No middle class or hard working reg'ler 'Merkins in places like that. Everyone in New England is a fucking Kennedy.

These red state fuckers suck at the federal teat harder than anyone, they are running the govenment and the media is tailoring itself to its ignorant myopia, yet they feel put-upon an persecuted. Fuck them.

Can I burn down the South again? They clearly didn't learn their lesson.

Otto Man said...

You should go read the comments at the original post. They're all outraged that Hollywood would dare make a movie about gay cowboys, but they see this as an intentional effort from Hollywood to stick it to them. Their sense of victimization is ridiculous.

ORF said...

Um MF not to be belligerent, step the FUCK off the South, my friend...

If you want the Red Staters to understand that not all NYers live on the Upper East Side and dine on beluga, then you can start by not assuming everyone down South is a backwards cousin kisser.

Mr Furious said...

As soon as I saw the "orf said..." I thought, "Uh-oh, I think she's from Carolina..."

"step the FUCK off the South, my friend..."

Not to worry, orf, my fury has pinpoint contol. No one with an open mind, a brain in their head or a vote against Bush need concern themselves.

For what it's worth, the top half of Michigan is just as crazy...

Otto Man said...

Actually, all the bloggers here are Southern by birth and by the grace of God, so remember we're not all ignorant rednecks. Just the people who represent us in Congress.

Otto Man said...

Seriously, the comments over there are getting insane. Here's the latest:

"anyone here who is standing up for brokeback mountiain is probably a faggot and should be thrown in jail for violating the word of god, you are all faggots and you will al go to hell and no i wont see the movie as it is for faggots and also sinful, as most things for faggots are"

Well said, Bush voter. Well said.

Mr Furious said...

"Actually, all the bloggers here are Southern by birth and by the grace of God"

Yeah, I knew there was some Southern connection/origin thing happening here. Obviously my comment was pure over-the-top rhetoric.

Truth be told, the people that make me the most angry are those that think of themselves (and those like themselves) as "the most American" wherever they happen to be.

Those people are all over the country—North, South, you name it. There are "red-staters" up North just as sure as there are "blue" folks down South. I DO realize that no state went 100% for Bush. It's just the winner takes all electoral system makes it seem that way.

Sorry if anyone took my comment seriously. I consider myself among friends here, and wouldn't dream of offending any of you.

Mr. Contrition

Otto Man said...

No apologies needed, Mr. Furious. And get back to the fury!

ORF said...

I concur with Otto, no need to be contritious. And in the words of the illustrious Tupac Shakur, "I ain't mad atcha!"

Just taking out some of my own Hulkette fury on you for being on the receiving end of countless Yankee jokes about the South for the last eight years of my life from people who've never set foot down there. I often think it akin to people who say "all gays are bad...except that guy Tom in accounting because he doesn't rub it in our faces or anything and so he's ok, but everyone else is lethal."

Just had to get that off m' onto the FRT!

Thrillhous said...

No big whoop, Mr. F. The last thing we want to worry about at LLPN is taking stuff too seriously.

Whenever I'm around my friends from California or NY or whatever and they make jokes about the south, I get prickly. Then I go home to North Cackalacky I think "Jeez, what a bunch of freakin' rednecks these are." Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder.