Thursday, December 22, 2005

Never meanin' no harm

We do a lot of the Bush Bashing here at LLatPoN, so when the preznit does something good, it's worth noting. Today Bush used the presidential power of the pardon to free two moonshiners.

We love the booze here, and are very happy to see justice brought to some thirsty men who only needed a drink. While they only received probation, the pardon will enable them to shoot next time someone tries to take them into custody.
The pardons this week restore full U.S. citizenship to the men, including the rights to vote and buy a gun, their attorneys told The Knoxville News Sentinel. But their records will reflect both the felony convictions and the pardons.

How grateful are these two men to have been given back their voting rights?
McKinley added that he may have to change his political support since he's been helped by a GOP president: "I'd almost be a Republican after that."


Thrillhous said...

And that ain't it! He also pardoned a drug user/dealer in Colorado!

By the way, iRod, your link don't work. Thanks for hating america.

InanimateCarbonRod said...

Link fixed

Studiodave said...

When CLinton did this on his last day - I though that was the lowest day of his administration. I hold the same contempt for the Bushies....

Studiodave said...

If he really had some stones, he would pardon Cindy Shehan of her misdemeanors.

S.W. Anderson said...

As an ex-felon, this newest Republican will fit right in and feel at home, I'm sure. That's especially true if he was transporting or selling shine for profit, not just for his own sippin' pleasure. Shows that good ol' American entrepreneurial spirit that 's the stuff of Republican wet dreams.

And, if he was making money that he wasn't paying taxes on, he may be eligible for some kind of presidential citation.

Next up, maybe Libby, DeLay and (puhlease!) Rove will get to do some GOP recruiting up the river, on the inside.