Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vacaciones Felices

Once again, The Onion has the last word.
"Getting rid of every wreath or nativity scene is not enough," Kennedy said. "In order to ensure that Americans of every belief feel comfortable in any home or business, we must eliminate all traces of this offensive holiday. My yellow belly quakes with fear at the thought of offending any foreigners, atheists, or child molesters."


Otto Man said...

My favorite part was the throwaway reference to "Kennedy, a Jew."

Studiodave said...

While enjoying that link I found this one:

"God Outdoes Terrists Again - LA Nationa Guard Offers Help By Phone"

"FEMA Representatives Call Out to Survivors, 'Show Us Your Tits for Rations.'"

"White Foragers Report Black Looters"