Friday, October 28, 2005

The Boot Scooter Boogie

According to CNN, Patrick Fitzgerald has just handed down five indictments against I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby -- two charges of making false statements to the FBI (October 14 and September 27, 2003), two charges of committing perjury before the grand jury (March 5 and March 24, 2004), and one charge of obstruction of justice (spring 2003). As everyone expected, he's just now resigned as Dick Cheney's manservant Renfield Chief of Staff.

It seems Karl Rove isn't being indicted today, but he's not in the clear either. The investigation into his involvement in all this will continue and, now that Scooter realizes he's being royally and publicly screwed by his old friends, maybe we'll see him turn. That's a flip-flop I'd love to see.

UPDATE: U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald just had his press conference. First of all, he seems like an impressive guy -- not the smoothest public speaker, but certainly sharp, direct, and no-nonsense. The right is going to try and smear him, of course, but I doubt they'll have any luck. Maybe they'll try to smear him because he's working-class Irish, and we all know what they're like. (Let it be noted that the witness made the "drinky-drinky" motion.)

On a related note, Fitzgerald's professionalism is making it hard to read where this thing is going. He refused to talk about anyone not mentioned in the indictment (and just batted away a question about Cheney's involvement) so we can expect the guessing games to continue. And we can expect Karl Rove to continue to sweat this out like Roger Ebert in a sauna.

UPDATE 2: Kevin Drum is doing a nice blow-by-blow recording of the press conference. Check it out here.


Studiodave said...

For reasons I can't explain, I was watching the 700 Club last night with Mr. Pat - and he was calling all these infractions frivilous the the point of rediculous and demanded that this independent investigator stop his work and disolve the role forever - of course, until the Dems are back in power.

I'm not entirely sure how this relates to my personal savior Jesus Christ and His message of love.

Otto Man said...

Don't you ever read Jesus' General? J.C. is a Republican now. He's scrapped all that feed-the-poor and love-thy-neighbor touchy-queery crap, and now he preaches a policy of bombing brown people and sticking it to liberals.

In other news, this marks the first indictment of a White House official in 130 years. Not Clinton, not Reagan, not Nixon, not even Harding! All the way back to Grant.

Studiodave said...

What exactly is an indictment? A white collar arrest warrent?

Thrillhous said...

I think an indictment is the filing of a criminal charge against someone.

Otto Man said...

Thrillhous has it -- the formal filing of charges by a prosecuting attorney.

Thrillhous said...

Man, the blow by blow from Drum isn't too promising. Sounds like it's pretty much over with, and we're not going to find out what the hell happened with the leaking. He may end up charging Rove, but it definitely sounds like he's not going to investigate the wider issue of the forged documents and the whole concocted push to war.

Otto Man said...

Check out the conservative denial over at
Balloon Juice
. Wow.

Otto Man said...

I think this is still going on, Thrillhous:

Question: Will you empanel another grand jury? Will there be more charges? Fitzgerald: "We're not quite done, but I don't want to add to a feverish pitch."

Ra_wiggum said...

So when does filing a criminal charge = mug shot / humiliation?

Otto Man said...

No idea about the mugshot, Ralphie.

The interesting thing from the indictment is that there's still a mysterious "Official A" out there to be investigated -- Rove? -- and almost as good, it seems Scooter was aided in his efforts to screw over Plame by someone who was an Undersecretary of State back in 2003. You know who fits that bill? Loose cannon and general nutcase John Bolton.