Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jeremy's Iron?

If you're bored, and nerdy, check out the Internet Anagram Server.

You'll be delighted to know that the letters of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Nachos" can be rearranged to spell: "A Foolishly Terrific Bush-Tenet Pun. Da!" Which is perfect, of course, since we're clearly a bunch of idiot commies who mock the president and those worthy servants he gives the medal of freedom.


Yossarian said...

Turns out my name comes out as "As Says Iron" which kinda outs me as a puppet for my lord and master, Jeremy Iron.- What's that master? I should watch "Die Hard: With a Vengeance " again master? - Well sorry all, duty calls.

Otto Man said...

If you try "George Walker Bush," you get this series of gems that reconstruct the college years of Dear Leader.

"Grow a Beer Keg, Lush"
"A Growl. Use Herb, Keg"
"Work Herbage, Glues"
"Brew, Gush, Ergo: Leak"
"Greek Lush Wore Bag"
"Ow! Greek Lug Rehabs"