Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Random Ten

Let's see....

A band called the Ministers' Quartet.

With an album called "Let Me Touch Him."

I just don't know how to approach that one.

Perhaps if there were some topical scandal involving clergy and sexual abuse, something that lent itself to humor and sarcasm, well, then I might have something to work with. But as it stands, I'm at a loss.

Moving right along, it's time for the Friday Random Ten. For those of you who are joining us for the first time or, like I-Rod, have the reading retention skills of a kindergartner with ADD, here's how you play: Take out your iPod or iWhatever, set it on Random, and give us the first ten songs that pop up. (Hence the name, "Friday Random Ten." Get it? It's Friday, too. Get it now?)

As always, if those of you at home would like to play the advanced version, throw in a Coolness Self-Audit as well. (Check out this FRT for a friendly guide to that. Or don't. See if I care.)

Alright, here's my list. Come on, big bucks! No Whammies!

1. Minnie Riperton, "Les Fleur" -- A classic of '70s soul, recently sampled for the Jurassic 5 song "Thin Line," featuring Nelly Furtado. The soft opening lyrics and guitar, which are what J5 lifted, are quite nice, but the best part is the sudden, almost-shouted refrains coming from the backup singers. It's like a Greek chorus as arranged by George Clinton. 8/10

2. The Pixies, "Where Is My Mind?" -- One of my favorite bands, with a great tune off Surfer Rosa. This song was already incredibly cool, but its association with the final scene of Fight Club only makes it more so. 8/10

3. Wanda Jackson, "Riot in Cell Block #9" -- Jackson was a phenomenal force in '50s rockabilly. You may remember her from such appearances as the Guitar Granny in some Budweiser ads alongside Brian Setzer, or else from classic tunes like "Let's Have a Party." This tune is the basis for every crappy, sexist, exploitative Caged Heat-style women-in-prison B-movie, and for that reason alone, we owe Jackson a tremendous debt. 8/10

4. Iggy Pop, "Repo Man" -- The title track from one of the all-time great movie soundtracks. I don't care if the film starred Emilio Estevez, the soundtrack will kick your ass and then take your car. 8/10

5. Run-D.M.C., "My Adidas" -- This used to seem cool, but now it just seems like an infomerical. You know what one of them is? It's information that you get in a commercial. Eh. 5/10

6. Southern Culture on the Skids, "Camel Walk" -- One of the odder acts of the whole Nu Country revival, SCOTS are absolutely hysterical in concert. They pass out fried chicken for the audience to eat, and distribute pots and pans so they can help out with the percussion. It's like Ernest T. from "The Andy Griffith Show" formed a rockabilly trio with Goober Pyle and Lurleen Lumpkin. 7/10

7. Red House Painters, "Long Distance Runaround" -- At long last, we may have found a song that Thrillhous and I can agree on. He should love this because it's a Yes cover, and I sure as hell love it because it's a brilliant tune. I just found this recently on my new favorite music blog, Out of 5, which this week has a set of ten songs -- all covers that are better than the original. Miles Davis covering "Time After Time." 'Nuff said. 10/10

8. Electric Light Orchestra, "Do Ya" -- Say what you will about the slick '70s synthesizers and the slicker '70s manfros, but this band put out some of the most beautifully layered, carefully constructed pop songs of all time. ELO was forgotten when we, as a nation, jettisoned the Disco Era for good back in the Battle of Comiskey Park, but this band is due for a renaissance soon. (I'm not alone on this, either. Check the comments over at Pandagon.) ELO will rule again. They're already seeping into commercials -- even "Do Ya," I believe, is in a ad now -- and from there it's only a matter of time before they're revived like New Wave has been recently. 8/10

9. Wolf Parade, "Lousy Pictures" -- Speaking of the next big thing, the word on the street is that these kids have been anointed the New Hotness. They're wrapping up a tour with Arcade Fire and seem likely to emerge from the shadows as the next band of the moment. And if you like AF, you'll like them too. Consider yourself warned. 8/10

10. Ronnie Foster, "Mystic Brew" -- Wow, looks like we've got some nice symmetry here. Like our opening tune, this is a song that's probably better known for the hiphop sample it became: the backing music for Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation." But again, this song stands on its own. For the most part, it's a solid bit of organ-driven jazz, but the last minute is absolutely scorching. 10/10

Alright, that gives me an 8.0 average, which is easily the coolest I've been rated in a long, long time.

Think you can do better than that? Then spin the wheel, raggedy man!


Yossarian said...

Good God Man! It's not even Friday Yet!!!!

Otto Man said...

No, no. We broadcast from a pirate radio station on a cargo ship in the North Sea.

Mr Furious said...

I'll still call "My Adidas" cool based on the novelty alone...

Volanta said...

It's Friday here. I used my library because it doesn't fit on my ipod and it might be a fairer representation of my music.

1. The Czars, "Los" on Goodbye. This band has been around awhile but I've only recently turned on to them. Great emotional imagery to their songs. This ballad is an example of it. Also can do some rocking. 6/10 for up and coming in my estimation.

2. Negativland, "Tevye's Dream" from Knitting on the Roof: Modern Interpretations of the Classical Musical "Fiddler on the Roof". This is a completely whack slection and I am so happy it appeared in my first Random Ten. I ten to like show tune and I tend to like covers. This album and particularly this song is what happens when the two combine in horrific ways. Negatvland basically sampled a variety of music and sound, scrambling, and reassembling the bits so that you get the interesting result. Freaky. (1/10) It should get a freak factor point for coolness.

3. Jolly Tinker, The Clancy Brothers on the Clancy Brothers Greatest Hits. At this point I decided I was doomed. My traditional irish songs were popping up. But a cheerful song about a tinker taking a ride on the lady of the house is too fun. "Such a rusty hole as that I never blocked before". I was singing that as a child and never got it. 2/10 for cool double entrendres.

4. Joe Dimaggio Done It Again, Billy Bragg & Wilco on Mermaid Ave Vol.2. Well it's the right season although not one of my favorite songs by this bunch. 5/10

5. Farewell and Goodbye, Smashing Pumpkins on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Another okay song from a band that's done better, or maybe it's just that there have been a hell number of ballads tonight. 5/10

6. Permanent Hurt, John Hiatt on Perfectly Good Guitar. Again, not the best song from a great guitarist with an voice that takes some getting used to a al Neil Young's screech (which I also love). 5/10

7. Everything Must Converge, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on B-Sides and Rarities. Another freakin'! ballad. But what is there not to love about this cynical prophet of doom. 8/10

8. Glad Tidings, Van Morrison on Moondance. I think the machine is trying to tell me something. I have a funeral to go tomorrow and peppy music appears to be out of the question. Van is Van. I have to hear some special favorites or else he's background noise. 3/10

9. Streets of Fire, Bruce Springsteen on Darkness on the Edge of Town. I must have bitched loudly enough. One of my favorites came up(I am from NJ after all--there might be an automatic coolness subtraction factored in). 10/10

10. Sugar, Imperial Teen on Live at Maxwell's. Another peppy one. I put this one when I nee to amp up and get ready to go out. It is the ultimate in harmonic convergence. It's a trifle of a song, but quite pleasing and it sticks with you. 7/10.

That gives me a 5.2 average. Yikes! What is the passing grade. What happens if something we are really ashamed of, like Michael Jackson pops up?

Thrillhous said...

Okay kids, it's time to rock out Amurrica style! I've got the day off (Mrs. T wants me to paint the living room), so you'll finally get a peek at the full Thrillhous Freedom Rock Library. As some dead guy probably said, it don't get any better than this.

1) Queen - I'm in love with my car. I've never heard this one before, but I'm liking it. That Freddy Mercury was so cool. 6/10.

2) Rush - Beneath, Between, and Behind. What a rockin' great song! I'm going to pretend the title is innocuous. 8/10.

3) Nirvana - Serve the Servants. I"m just now getting around to listening to these guys again. Lordy did I hear too much of this stuff in college. I had some friends who played their unplugged album every freakin' day senior year. Drove me nuts. I wonder what happened to those guys? 7/10.

4)ELP - Knife Edge. Norbizness's rude comments on the last FRT aside, this is a truly great song. Never has a Hammond organ sounded so seamy! 10/10.

5) Yes - Shock to the System. This is a song off one of their mid-90s reunions. I love it because I love all Yes songs, but most people can't handle their awesomeness. Steve Howe and Trevor Rabin on the same track? Blow my mind. 8/10.

6) Donald and Lillian Stokes - Purple Gallinule/Common Moorhen. So I'm trying to learn the songs of east coast birds, is that so wrong? 1/10.

7) Primus - Is it Luck? I have never listened to this song. I got this album back in the days when I was in them silly BMG/Columbia House plans. "The first 12 CDs were only a penny, but then they jacked up the price!" 3/10.

8) Yes - A Venture. Now, this is some classic Yes that everyone should listen to and love. I fear you folks are not strong enough. 9/10.

9) Ozzy - S.A.T.O. A great song, back when Randy Rhodes roamed the earth. 8/10.

10) CCR - Who'll Stop the Rain. Okay, this is more the speed of you lilly-livered hippies. I really liked these guys when I thought they were a southern rock band, but then I learned they were from California. What a bait and switch. That's almost as bad as when MTV tried to make me think the Nelson twins were hot chicks. 7/10.

Not the best debut for the Thrillhous Freedom Rock Library, but I think you're getting an idea of what you're missing. It's nice to not have three Zeppelin or Alice in Chains songs in the top 10.

Okay, I've got to go batten down the hatches for hurricane Tammy. Argghhh!!!

alex supertramp said...

Otto --- as always an enjoyable lead in and I hear ya on the ELO ..I'm convinced it was a Sampson sorta thing, crazy white fro = amazing pop skillz...curious about the wolf parade though, I've been trying to ignore the hipster haze and they are a decent band but (same as CYHASY!) I don't know if I'm just too old to be that impressed?....

1)Change your mind - the last town chorus ... so okay 'member all that stuff I said about Liz Phair, and Neko Case, and Hope Sandoval, and Grace Potter? Well I meant ALL of that, but now there is Megan Hickey, who is just stunning AND plays a wicked pedal steel, not to mention sounds like a sweet southern girl channeling Hope Sandoval with a jazzy Rickie Lee Jones flair. This mellow burner has me all a'titer with twangy atmospherics and breathy meanderings (and lets not get me started on the culture club cover, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me -- only if you like it that way, cause you are searing my soul)....8/10

2)crack house warming party (rubntug remix) - the david gilmour girls -- uhhh this band has no girls and apparently even less to do with mr gilmour but a fair amount to do with middling techno ... not bad if I was heavily intoxicated under various influences, unfortunate for me I am not, still there's a funky beat and some freaky vocal flourishes...5/10

3)stumped - goblin cock .. ohh I like these guys, Rob Crow (Pinback, Thingy, Optigonally Yours, and so many others I think even he has long since lost track) takes an indie stab at metal and stoner sludge and has me rockin out with my cock out...8/10

4)yflmd (you fuck like my dad) - Giant Drag ...what a great kiss off tune, with a sound that has traces of throwing muses and Belly mixed with Garbage (so yeah, female fronted) this is not groundbreaking, but fun and biting...7/10

5)camel toe - PS I Love You -- ummm is there some sort of bizarre theme going on here or do I just have this many weird sexually oriented tunes loaded? This is a GREAT song about, well, a wonderful topic with Strougher's tongue firmly in cheek and his fuzzed out bliss set to relentless.9/10

6)nowhere man - low -- yeah, low slow it down but really make it more of a drab folk tune, and I still dig it...7/10

7)doing something wrong - magnolia electric company -- yes mr molina, you do in fact have your shit together ... molina in all his incarnations, but notably MEC are setting the standards for current Americana and setting the tone for classics of tommorrow.9/10

8)latin breed theme - The Latin Breed -- mmm some 70s latin funk that has just the right elements of jazz, funk and fun with a healthy burn, let the weekend begin! 8/10

9)sal - the connells -- this is a little shout out to orf, thanks to last weeks connells discussion that led to a loading of a number of wonderful connells tracks (I should mention that I don't subscribe to the hipster world of ipod and thus have a limited storage capacity so periodically change out tunes or else my FRT would start looking like thrillh who apparently only owns 3-4 albums and then a bunk of junk mrs thrillh snuck in on him)...anyway - this is perhaps my favorite connells track and that is saying ALOT, don't know why exactly, but it is.10/10

10)funky string quartet - dave gleason's wasted days ... many people have tried to emulate the enigma that is Gram Parson's splendor and I have heard none that can touch dave gleason. Granted this is a gram parsons original but the first (okay, almost every time) I heard it I was sure it was some Parson release I hadn't heard - not exactly the rockingest tune to kick off the weekend, but a damn fine song for any occasion.10/10

Otto Man said...

I'll still call "My Adidas" cool based on the novelty alone...

Yeah, maybe I was too harsh. It just seemed too simple.

Yikes! What is the passing grade.

There's no passing grade. When you're cool, who cares?

Actually, looking over the scores, you were pretty hard on yourself there. Even the awkward stuff -- Negativland doing Teyve?!? -- should get more points just for the oddity.

What happens if something we are really ashamed of, like Michael Jackson pops up?

That's when the 1-3 range should pop up, I think. I tend to bust out a 2 only for the Bee Gees and lesser works of ABBA. But, to each his own.

Otto Man said...

I know what you mean about Wolf Parade, Alex. Every time I hear a band is hip, it makes we wary. But these guys seem pretty solid. The song that came up on this week's FRT is probably my favorite of the few I own.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Gotta love randomness. James constitutes about half of my loaded-up music, and none of it showed up. This week, it’s the Furs that make a disproportionate appearance.

1. Love Song [Extended Remix], The Cure—Minor keys rub me wrong. 5/10
2. Don’t Look Back In Anger, Oasis—A previous entry by Malibu Stacy prompted me to break out my Oasis.....and then I pull up the same song! One of their best. 9/10

3. Love My Way, Psychedelic Furs—Was one of my favorites for the long drive to and from school. 8/10
4. Cover Up, Michael Penn—Album filler. 4/10
5. Prayers for Rain [live], The Cure—I’m glad I wasn’t at this show! 6/10

6. There’s a World, Psychedelic Furs—OK, but they were already starting to lose it. 7/10
7. Imitation of Christ, Psychedelic Furs—Such mumbling! 6/10

8. Just Can’t Get Enough, Depeche Mode [live]—Perhaps no one will be surprised to hear that I’ll be seeing them on tour later this year. 8/10
9. Discotheque [Howie B. Hairy B Remix], U2—Unnecessary! 1/10
10. Kite, U2—Why didn’t I recognize this song? Cuz it’s on one of the recent POS albums! 0/10

Mr Furious said...

1. "Take the Power Back" - Rage God, Audioslave is a hunk of shit. That's my first thought when I hear good old-fashioned Rage Against the Machine. Then, I think about the song. This one is indelibly marked in my brain as the prison riot in "Natural Born Killers." 9.0

2. "Gideon" - My Morning Jacket I can't pretend I'm cool enough to have been into these guys for their first three albums... I never heard of them before watching an interview with Cameron Crowe last month about his upcoming movie. Then I get my new issue of PASTE and they are the first track on the CD. This band is about to get completely over-hyped and over-played, but based on this tune, they're pretty good. 8.0

3. "Black Limousine" - Rolling Stones Decent deep cut off Tattoo You. 6.0

4. "Supersatellite" - Our Lady Peace I was pretty into this album, Naveed back when it came out. Sounds a bit dated now, but still rocks the hell out the crap posing as hard rock now. 7.0

5. "Gone Crazy" - Marcy Playground A band I immediately dismissed upon hearing the "Sex and Candy" single. Years later, I love their first two albums. Seriously. Love them. 8.0

6. "I'm Nuthin'" - Ethan Hawke Ugh. Snuck in from the 'Reality bites' soundtrack. It's my wife's CD, I swear. You can be sure this will never be played again in my iTunes. Immediately brings to mind two of the most annoying and undeserving movie characters ever fighting over Winona Ryder. 2.0

7. "In Memory Of Elizabeth Cotton" - fIREHOSE Quirky acoustic number from Mike Watt's old (best) band. 8.0

8. "Go Let it Out" - Oasis Tremendous song. Best thing Oasis ever did. 9.0

9. "Flame" - Sebadoh A good song from an old CMJ disc. Supposedly a good band, never bought any of their stuff. 6.0

10. "Spit" - NY Loose Pretty solid song from a band that I bought solely based on hearing them when I walked into the record store—back when I used to go into record stores... What Joan Jett & the Black Hearts might sound like if they came out in 1999. 6.0

6.9 average. Ethan Hawke just killled me. I suppose I nned to go back to hating him again.

Otto Man said...


As a freshman, I got a job at the college radio station. My first station event after the hire was a party for fIREHOSE, and I met a lot of my co-workers there for the first time.

One guy came up to me and said he liked my anti-Jesse Helms T-shirt, and I said thanks, but shuffled away because he seemed a little odd.

I only found out later that it was Mike Watt. Finally met the guy, and I didn't even know it.

InanimateCarbonRod said...

I ain't got time to bleed today, but all you New Yorkers check out this shiznit. More free concerts for Otto Man!

Otto Man said...

The Blind Boys of Alabama with Cat Power? If they're on stage together, that could be very cool.

ORF said...

I'm pretty sure Red House Painters was playing when I lost my virginity. Wow. I haven't thought about that album in a long time.

Alex ST, I was thinkin' you were all weird b/c I hadn't heard of a SINGLE one of the bands you had on your spin and then The Connells popped up, and my concerns evaporated.

Ok, enough shouting out:

1: Red Rose-Buju Banton 5/10
Raaagaaaaaa....good way to kick off Friday morning, just wish it was a stronger track.

2: Everything is Everything-Lauryn Hill 8/10
This is one of my favorite songs on that album, which, talk about starting off with a bang and then dropping off the planet. Oh Lauryn, I know Wyclef done you wrong, but don't let it stop you making good music.

3: More-De La Soul 6/10
I think my iPod has a penchant for picking the most "eh" songs of the best bands.

4: Kick It In, Second Wind-Jimmy Buffett 7/10
Two weeks running, I stand by my allegiance.

5: Shadrach-Beastie Boys 9/10
I happen to know that Veggie Tales also did a song about this faithful trio, but this track totally kicks that singing tomato's ass!!!

6: Tunnel of Love-Bruce Springsteen 10/10
Got one perfect ten right in the middle. I could listen to this song on repeat all damned day.

7: Knowhere-David Gray 5/10
Yikes! My easy listening tracks are supposed to stay in the attic on Fridays!

8: Uptight (Everything is Alright!)-Stevie Wonder 8/10
Some good Motown :)

9: Gettin' Grown-Cee-Lo 8/10
Cee-Lo Green is the Soul Machine...who also sounds an awful lot like Nina Simone on this track. A much underappreciated performer from the Dirrrrty South. My roommate once told me that she was walking down the street listening to Cee-Lo and had to stop walking because it was so good. I often feel the same way about him.

10: Creep-Radiohead 9/10
This song was long ago my introduction to Thom Yorke's whiny-yet-amazing ways.

80! I didn't wince at a single one :)

Otto Man said...

Nicely done, ORF.

And you're not alone in not knowing Alex's list. I'm pretty sure he made some of those up. Cheater.

Mr Furious said...

I met a lot of my co-workers there for the first time.

What do you do?

Otto Man said...

Sorry, I meant co-workers at the radio station. I mistook Watt for one of them.

These days, I make a living as a freelance shepherd. New York may not be the right site for that line of work, but by God it's my calling.

alex supertramp said...

i swear all are real bands and all popped up on the trusty iRiver this AM... and on top of that, save for the david gilmour techno sluts i highly recommend every band, I thoroughly enjoyed this am's FRT!....otto, you must have been true blotto to miss sir Watt, of course now I understand your umbrage at a previous lowball I had for the man himself ... and orf, no worries, many a friend has thought i made up the bands I ramble on about, and the voices in my head as well -- of course I have to tell you that between your affinity for the connells, jimmy buffet, your song stylings in general, NOW cee-lo AND that milkshake of yours - I am officially stalking you as of now.....otto, you're off the hook, you should probably buy her a big bottle o'' bubbly or cop her some decent drugs or something....

The Doc said...

"Long-time listener, first time caller." Let's see how I rank today.

1. Automatic Baby - One (live). 1/2 of U2 plus 1/2 of R.E.M. equals pretty darn good. Michael forgets the lyrics, but even with that it's a good song done well. 8/10

2. Flight of the Conchords - Business Time (live). A riff on cheesy Barry White-esque funk love ballads by two New Zealanders with acoustic guitars. It's funny and funky, but it's also a little geeky. The minute-long spoken intro doesn't help either. 7/10.

3. Olu Dara - Used To Be. A good jazzy ballad, but a little slow and meandering. I need something more upbeat, dang it! 6/10.

4. The Pixies - Gigantic. This is only marginally faster, but Kim Deal is an old high-school crush, and I just love this song. 8/10.

5. Zebrahead - The Hell That Is My Life. Dear god, why? It's faster, but so lame. 3/10.

6. Social Distortion - Story of my Life. Oh yes, much better. A country-punk ballad, and I just love Mike Ness's voice. 7/10.

7. The Strokes - Hard To Explain. I don't even know if The Strokes are cool anymore, but I still like 'em. New wave, garage pop, whatever: it's just a good tune. 8/10.

8. Primal Scream - Loaded. It's a nice enough song, but it sounds like it's culled together from too many other songs, and it's way too long. 5/10.

9. The New Pornographers - The Body Says No. Not my favourite NP song, but I haven't heard a song by them I haven't liked. It's just terribly good pop music, and that's hard to find. 8/10.

10. Seu Jorge - Rebel Rebel. Acoustic Bowie sung in Portugese is my secret weakness. 8/10.

And my total: 68/100. Slightly better than mediocre, so that's a mildly promising start.

Otto Man said...

Welcome aboard, Doc. Funny, I just discovered your blog this afternoon. Great name.

Anyway, anyone with a lingering high school crush on Kim Deal and an appreciation for Mike Ness's voice is more than welcome here.

Susie the Bear said...

I am also a newcomer to the FRT, but I've been reading it for a couple of weeks now (ever since ORF alterted me to its presence). It's not technically Friday anymore, but if you pretend I reside in the Mountain time zone, then I am just getting this in under the wire. Here goes.

1. "The Science Of Selling Yourself Short" - Less Than Jake. Ahh, Less Than Jake. I had a heavy penchant for ska/punk during the latter half of high school and my freshman year of college. Certainly not their best song, but still a decent one, and LTJ always bring me fond memories, so...6/10.
2. "Title And Registration" - Death Cab For Cutie. One of my favorite bands, and a good song off of Transatlanticism. However, costant plugging by Seth Cohen and heavy advertising for their new album on MTV make them not nearly obscure enough to impress a record store clerk. *sigh* 7/10.
3. "The Battle Of The Boy Least Likely To" - Boy Least Likely To. From an album I recently acquired, and a highly enjoyable one at that. 7/10.
4. "Brass Monkey" - Beastie Boys. I like the Beasties, but something off of Paul's Botique would have been preferable. Or else "She's Crafty" (one of my favorites). Oh well. Also, this song has a tendency to annoy me if I hear it too often. 4/10.
5. "Can't Stand Me Now" - The Libertines. Ooh, I like the Libertines. I used to go running to this album all the time. I love it when the iPod reminds me of stuff I haven't listened to in a while. 7/10.
6. "If You Leave" - Nada Surf. I like the original, I like the cover. Also reminds me of Pretty in Pink, one of my favorite childhood movies. Good stuff. 7/10.
7. "I've Made Enough Friends" - The Wrens. Excellent. Great band, great song off their now out of print album, Secaucus. 10/10.
8. "Open Your Heart To Me" - Madonna. Well, I knew something would show up to drag down my cool points average. I admit it. I own The Immaculate Collection. Can't be worth more than 3/10.
9. "She Blinded Me With Science" - Thomas Dolby Ouch. Did I also mention that during the beginning of high school I had a bit of an 80s fetish? This is a remnant of that era. 2/10.
10. "Grey Ice Water" - Modest Mouse. Well, a strong finish at least. Good song off of one of my favorite MM albums. 8/10.

So that brings me to...61/100. Could have done better, could have done worse. And ORF, I am with you on the Jimmy Buffet. Feel no shame.

ORF said...

Hey Otto, you up for some o' that FREE MUSIC?!?! Get jealous, suckers!

Alex, down boy! There is enough of me AND my milkshake (what on EARTH did I say about that song? I completely forget now) to go around. Now, what is this about plying me with booze and drugs?? How do we make this a reality?

Doc, Suz, great to see you guys here :) Yay Pixies! Yay Madonna!

Otto Man said...

As someone who loves all things music and all things free, I'm all over that.