Friday, October 28, 2005

Insult to Injury

Sadly, the preseason college basketball picks are out. Let the hype begin. Take it away
Take four returning senior starters from a 27-win team. Add a bunch of big-time freshmen. What do you get? The nation's No. 1 team.

That talented mix of experience and youth has carried Duke to the top spot in the preseason ESPN/USA Today Coaches' poll. The Blue Devils (27-6 last season), returning All-Americans J.J. Redick and SheldenWilliams, received 28 of a possible 31 first-place votes and 767 points, easily pushing them past Connecticut, which landed at No. 2.
This pains me, not so much in my irrational dislike of Duke's team and 98% of the students who went there, but in the fact that Dick Vitale will be taking his "Cameron Crazies" and "All Hail Coach K" up a notch - all season long. That is a long season. "Dunkeroo!"


Otto Man said...

Ugh. I agree completely.

Vitale is annoying in and of himself, but he's got his head so far up Coach K's ass he's given color commentary from the lower intestine.

Thrillhous said...

Why do you guys hate America?

Otto Man said...

Didn't you read my rant about
John Madden
? I feel twice as strongly about Dick Vitale. At least Madden is stupid at a normal volume. Vitale screams his insanity like an escaped mental patient.

sideshow bob said...

Bill Maas is no picnic. I hate having to listen to him ruin the otherwise enjoyable experience of the Viqueens getting their asses kicked.

Otto Man said...

As a longtime Chiefs fan, it pains me to admit that Bill Maas is horrible. He's clearly cloning himself after Madden, which means this insanity (and inanity) will continue long after Big John's goose is cooked like a turducken.

ORF said...

Oh. Man. I have HATED Dick Vitale for YEARS!!! YEARS!!!

As to Duke's prevalence in the NCAA, I wore "Beat Dook" buttons during ACC season in high school. In NC, you have only one choice: Tarheel or Blue Devil and tho some of my closest friends went to Duke, I'll never stray. I can't STAND those fans. Freaking freaks.

sideshow bob said...

otto man- I live in the town where the Chiefs have their summer training camp. Dick Vermiel once came into a room at the university where they practice and hit on my wife! Well, schmoozed is probably a more accurate term, but still!

Otto Man said...

Sweet. How much did he cry in the process?