Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Your Friends I Don't Trust

I was struck by a line today in an NY Times editorial:
The hurricane showed that despite four years of spinning, America is still unprepared for a catastrophe. It raised major questions about the caliber of people with whom Mr. Bush surrounds himself.
Wasn't the whole premise behind Bush his ability to surround himself with capable people? Sure, he's not the brightest. He's not the most knowledgable. But he knows people. (And later we'd find out he has superpowers to "sense people's souls" and "know their hearts.")

I think this Brownie/Miers thing is finally waking the general public (as opposed to the people who pay attention to this stuff) that this is and always has been a crock of shiite.


Smitty said...

Perfect title. It was never about him, we always knew he was a marienette. It is his masters and his friends, and now we see their true colors too. It proves that you really ARE the company you keep. Inept political insiders who are disconnected with America hang out with just such. As you have stated in previous blogs, it isn't even worth satirizing any more. I just shrug. It's why I have barely posted to my own blog....why do it? It's so ridiculous that the truth itself bears no spin or interpretation. That's the genius behind the Daily Show. The truth is so absurd, it makes GREAT comedy. Their writers don't even have to try!

Otto Man said...

Lord, that's a scary thought -- Bush is now the competent one.

Studiodave said...

Its the same way I hung out with ungly and stupid people in high school and college - so I would seem smarter and better looking.

Otto Man said...

Who you calling ungly?