Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let Me Eat Cake

If you thought your opinion of FEMA Head Mike Brown couldn't sink any lower, you were wrong.

According to newly released email messages, Brownie couldn't be bothered to listen to the initial reports of chaos and death in New Orleans because he was too busy having his dinner. Keith Olbermann has the goods here.

(As always, thanks to Crooks and Liars.)


ORF said...

Holy f*cking crap!!!!!

Mr Furious said...

That motherfucker. I seriously cannot come up with an insult or punishment to fit this guy.

What's truly most amazing, is that there are enough lackeys around to fully staff these assholes like Brown and Bush. What the fuck is the matter with this guy's staff? Did no one think about speaking up? "Commissioner, maybe we ought to order in and work through dinner?" Is that too fucking hard?

It's like all the pussies on Bush's staff who were afraid to tell him he'd have to cut his vacation short.

I guess when insecure pieces of shit reach certain levels of power it's all we can expect.

Mr Furious said...

LOL! Somehow I missed your headline the first time around. Classic.

Otto Man said...

Thanks, Furious. I was pretty proud of that one.

And yeah, you're right. Cronyism only becomes a problem when the man-in-charge makes it clear that all he wants is yes men. Look at the people who challenged the president's assumptions -- Clarke, Lindsey, Shinseki, Diulio, etc. All were shown the door for speaking out, even though all of them were eventually right.

Meanwhile, Condi Rice misses the August 6th PDB and gets promoted to State. Don Rumsfeld fails to plan for the postwar stage and stays on at Defense. Tenet fucks up the WMD intelligence and gets a Medal of Freedom.

Loyalty is all that matters with these folks, with competency way way down the list. (See also Miers, Harriet.)

Thrillhous said...

I didn't think I could loathe brownie any more than I do, but thanks to Otto (and Olberman, of course), I have reached level 11 of loathing.

What a pantload.

InanimateCarbonRod said...

Cut the man some slack. How would you feel if you couldn't have a nice, relaxing dinner at TGI Friday's without people talking about how your incompetence is killing people? I mean, can't you let the man finish his potato skins first?