Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Leo, Know the Power of "No"

Veteran rocker Leo Mazzone (Atlanta Braves pitching coach) is in talks with the New York Yankees to become their pitching coach. Mazzone is reported to be making $200,000 a year - peanuts compared to the money he generates by getting consistent pitching performance from the various "retreads" the Braves management consistently parades in front to him.

Now, Leo, I know NY is a grand place, with big city money and pretty ladies. But there is a dark side to the Yankees. You see, it's a cycle of abuse.

Every year, King George spends as he sees fit then blames everyone else when the players don't work out the way he thought (see "tension builds").

Since NY is the media capital of the world, the pressure builds and King George keeps upping the ante - questioning your manhood, your integrity, and your right to "wear the uniform." See "abuse takes place." You are a thief stealing from George. Scum. Not fit for employment with the Devil Rays!!!

So the morning after comes. Those who are part of the co-dependent cycle (see Joe Torre) try to rationalize it - excuse it - hell, they think maybe they could have done better. You see, Joe Torre knows that King George really is a nice guy, if only the rest of us would give him a shot.
"We didn't use the word love, but it was pretty warm," Torre said. "It was something more than cordial."
See "apologies, excuse, amends."

Leo, don't end up another statistic on "Cops." I don't want to see you in a tube top on TV yelling at the police for arresting George after he has beaten you to a pulp. It's not your fault. You have the power to make the right choice. You know the right answer.


Otto Man said...

Leo always reminds me of Rain Man as he sits there rocking back and forth. "Time for Farnsworth. Yeah. Definitely time for Farnsworth."

Thrillhous said...

It's hard to believe Leo makes so little money. Hopefully the talking w/ George is just a ploy to get a better salary.