Monday, July 31, 2006

Did Mel Gas His Own People Too?

Props to commenter/blogger/White-Out abuser Bob, who may just be on to the discovery of the century.


Noah said...

Aren't the Mel Gibson and Saddam Hussein voices on South Park pretty much the same too?

Thrillhous said...

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Let's not forget that the trial of Saddam wrapped up on Thursday, the day before Mel's little incident.

Anonymous said...

We are ON to something here.

Beards, delusions of grandeur, ability to converse in ancient semitic langauges, all the while ranting against other semitic speakers.

Not to mention a strong thread of sadism in their public displays.

Oh, and I forgot the most important part: both utter assholes.

Thrillhous said...

One big difference between the two, though: Saddam never inflicted anything like "Ransom" on the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm trumped.

Bob said...

Thanks for the link guys.

Mel's outburst is proof that you don't do things totally out of character when under the influence; instead, it enhances your own personality. The truth is revealed by over consumption of Fosters and/or Coors.