Friday, July 21, 2006

This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse

In a scary development, I agree completely with Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan in this segment.

Of course, they're trashing the neocons and calling them idiots, so maybe they're agreeing with me.


Mr Furious said...

The scary thing is I've been agreeing with Buchanan for a long time on several things. His crazed isolationism meshes with the desire not to invade countries ad nauseum I suppose...

He said one thing in that segment I disagree with viamently and it was easy to miss, because it was surounded by good soundbites.

He said, "I think the President realizes now that we went into Iraq to pursue weapons that did not exist, a country that did not attack us, did not threaten us, and now we have created a great base camp for terrorism..."

All very true except that part that the President realizes or believes any of it. I'm not sure he does. And if he does he keeps it to himself and in no way has it altered his rhetoric or his actions or strategy. Bush hasn't learned a goddamn thing form this misadventure.

Shrum is also wrong to assume that Israel will go into Lebanon and leave right away. That was their intent thrirty years ago, and it didn't exactly work that way. Israel will not retreat under fire, nor will they leave without some victory to point to. I'm not sure it's gonna be that decisive for them.

Buchanan really nails it on his condemnation of Israel however. He's a lunatic on many issues, but I find Buchanan extremely compelling at times, and always entertaining

Smitty said...

Policy occassionally makes for strange bedfellows, I suppose. It was ironic to hear the railing against the neocons. I hope it has some sort of lasting effect on national sentiment if more and more journalists pick up the tirade.