Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Ah, Yes. Now You See How You Scum."

CNN recently conducted a poll, asking Americans who they thought did a better job on major issues, the current occupant of the White House or the previous guy. For the Bush cultists, this cannot be good news:
Respondents favored Clinton by greater than 2-to-1 margins when asked who did a better job at handling the economy (63 percent Clinton, 26 percent Bush) and solving the problems of ordinary Americans (62 percent Clinton, 25 percent Bush).

On foreign affairs, the margin was 56 percent to 32 percent in Clinton's favor; on taxes, it was 51 percent to 35 percent for Clinton; and on handling natural disasters, it was 51 percent to 30 percent, also favoring Clinton.

Moreover, 59 percent said Bush has done more to divide the country, while only 27 percent said Clinton had.

When asked which man was more honest as president, poll respondents were more evenly divided, with the numbers -- 46 percent Clinton to 41 percent Bush -- falling within the poll's margin of error. The same was true for a question on handling national security: 46 percent said Clinton performed better; 42 percent picked Bush.
Well well well. It looks like Clinton Fatigue has been replaced by Bush Fatigue. (And please note, by "Bush Fatigue" I mean a syndrome where people are rightly sick and tired of their current president. I don't mean the cute little dress-up outfits he likes to wear. "Hey Mom, look at me! I'm the decider!")

I think Tim Roemer is right. The Democrats should simply revise the old GOP campaign slogan of 1946: "Had Enough?" Because clearly, they have.

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