Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Random Ten

You know, it's not often that a Hindu deity records an album -- with a notable exception -- but here we have one doing precisely that.

Now, I can barely keep track of the religious figures in the faith in which I was raised -- snake-handling, thank you very much -- so I'm having a hard time deciding just which Hindu god this is. Vishnu? Shiva? Aishwarya Rai? Hard to say.

Whether it's the destroyer of worlds or the destroyer of libidos, the ascendancy of this deity can only mean that it's time once more for the Friday Random Ten. Let's do this thing.

1. Big Boi, "Kryptonite" -- This is a fairly mediocre offering from Mr. Antwan Patton, a song that suggests that if the long-rumored Outkast break-up really does come to fruition this year, then Big Boi is destined to join Andrew Ridgley, John Oates, and Art Garfunkel in the annals of castaway sidemen. 5/10

2. The Gruesomes, "Way Down Below" -- Fairly decent bit of garage rock revival from the 1980s. They're not as good as the premier garage revival group, the Gories. But then again, they're not as bad as the other retro group of the 1980s, the Goonies. 6/10

3. Smashing Pumpkins, "Today" -- If only this song had made it onto MTV once or twice, the Pumpkins might never have broken up. Oh wait. 6/10

4. Inkunzi Emdaka, "Ikhaya Lami" -- A nice little bit of southern African music, full of the typically great guitar work and lyrics that, for all I know, might be the backstory to Mr. Eko's character on "Lost." Who knows? The music alone is damn good. 9/10

5. Yo La Tengo, "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House" -- This song has made it to a couple other FRT's, but it's good enough to merit the repeat performances. Not only is this a sweet indie pop song from Hoboken's finest, but it's also named after a Troy McClure-hosted telethon. How can you lose? 10/10

6. Redd Kross, "Dancing Queen" -- Wow. Not just ABBA. An ABBA cover. 1/10

7. ... And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, "Worlds Apart" -- A nice, slightly unhinged rocker. You've got to love the band's name, and the fact that they start this song by shouting "Hey, fuck you, man!" to a collection of school children. Or perhaps not. 8/10

8. Belle & Sebastian, "The State That I Am" -- Some almost sickly-sweet strumpop from a band I absolutely swore I would hate but wound up liking a bit. This is off Tigermilk, my favorite album. It builds nicely. 7/10

9. Sir Guy, "The Frog" -- A smoking bit of forgotten R&B. Like virtually every other song released in the early 1960s, this one provides instructions on how to perform an eponymous, zoologically correct, rhythmically expressed, youth dance number. Or so the kids tell me. 7/10

10. David Bowie, "The Man Who Sold the World" -- A classic. Is it heresy to admit that I actually like the Nirvana Unplugged version better? It is? Screw you. 8/10

Well, that gives me yet another score in the high D-range, a whopping 6.7 out of 10. It hasn't been easy staying in this rut, but somehow, I pulled it off!

Let's see what you've got. Drop your own Friday Random Ten in the comments below, with or without the Coolness Self Audit that has become the bane on my existence. And, hey, this is Memorial Day weekend -- so let's make it memorable, dammit!


InanimateCarbonRod said...

1) "Fit But You Know It" - The Streets. Sloppy Brit-Ska. This sounds like it should be in Guy Ritchie's next film. I really like it, but this is the kind of song that you can get sick of real fast. 7/10

2) "The Time I Chased the Sun" - The World Inside. Do you ever wonder what Level 42 would sound like if they were around today? 5/10

3) "Phuture 2000 (Hybrid Remix)" - Carl Cox. I think you're supposed to listen to this on ecstasy. No way am I sitting through 9 minutes of this. 3/10

4) "What Have You Done" - William Shatner. There are two or three songs that totally suck on the otherwise-amazing Has Been. This is one of them. At least it's only 1:48. 2/10

5) "Skipped" - Flashpapr. Great atmospheric lo-fi with actual emotions. Not Friday material unless you just got dumped, but good stuff nonetheless. 8/10

6) "Portland Oregon" - Loretta Lynn. This is the one that Jack White sings on, and it sounds more like a Jack White song with Loretta Lynn guesting. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 8/10

7) "The Answer" - Bad Religion. West Coast Post-punk Punk. One of those bands that I like not quite enough to plunk down for a CD. 7/10

8) "Some Beginner's Mind" - TL/Rx. You ever wonder what The Call would sound like they they were still around today? 5/10

9) "So Tired" - Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers. Anything but tired. 9/10

10) "Porn" - Voicst. Yes, I downloaded it because of the title. I was surprised to find out it's a pretty good song. 6/10

Wild Beast said...

1. Death to the Apple Gerls - Gerling. One of my favorite songs of all time. A pure rocking song by Darren, Burke, and Presser. If I was a 14 year-old girl (like it says I am on myspace) I'd give this song 11/10. But as a man who understands the laws of thermodynamics... 10/10.

2. Dollars & Cents - Radiohead. Sweet bass line. 6/10

3. The One Who Got Us Out - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. There are some really smooth changes in this song and extremely cool drum beats and strumming patterns. 8/10

4. That Joke isn't Funny Anymore - The Smiths. Whatever. 3/10

5. I Know You Are but What Am I - Mogwai. For some reason I thought this song was on the 28 Days Later soundtrack - the one about zombies, not the movie with Sandy Bullock and Vigo the Carpathian (also known as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy). But it's not. 8/10.

6. Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana. Dave Groel should go back to playing drums full time. And "Brown's a clown."

7. Joy's Funk 11 - Joy La Choy. Joy is some Asian dude that used to work with at Smoothie King who spins on the side. It's actually Heatline's "Groove Line" but I really wanted to give top billing to a name as sweet as Joy La Choy. 7/10

8. Fat Bottom Girls - Queen. I love the concept of this song as well as the first 60 seconds. After that I'm looking to fast forward. 5/10

9. Small Stakes - Spoon. That's the good stuff. Kill the Moonlight is 100% solid from soup to nuts. 9/10

10. High Speed - Coldplay. From The Blue Room EP. One of the better Coldplay songs. It actually has a, dare I say, "soulful" guitar riff and bass line. 7/10

Thrillhous said...

iRod, are all your songs free downloads from some loser frenchy site? You need to get with the program. The nonstop rockin' program!

1) One - Metallica. Dude ain't got no limbs! 9/10.

2) I think I'm going bald - Rush. Me too. 8/10

3) Working Man - Rush. Me too. 9/10

4) The Vampires of New York - Marcy Playground. Not sure, but I think this song is about the Yanks' infield. 10/10

5) Fool in the Rain - Zepp. Hate it hate it hate it. 0000.000/10.

6) Whole Lotta Love, live medley - Zepp. First 3 minutes are great, then it's a bunch of whale noise. I'm still pretty bitter about no. 5, so I can't give this one a good rating. 2/10

7) Jacob's Ladder - Rush. Dammit that's a lot of Rush for one day. 8/10

8) Rock and Roll - Zepp. Kinda lame, even before it became a car commercial. 5/10

9) Welcome to the Machine - Floyd. I don't like it when Waters goes for that nasally sound. 5/10

10) Astral Traveller - Yes. Well, at least it's a strong finish! 8/10

poopy week. I blame Clinton.

Otto Man said...

"Phuture 2000 (Hybrid Remix)" - Carl Cox. I think you're supposed to listen to this on ecstasy. No way am I sitting through 9 minutes of this.

I have that song on my iTunes too. I think of it as an excuse to test the "skip" button.

Otto Man said...

Thrillhous, with the score tied at Led Zep 3, Rush 3, aren't you legally required to hold some kind of tie breaker? Or perhaps purchase some new music?

Dr. Milton von F├╝nkdoctorspock said...

But Rush's songs outscored Zep's 25-7! Frankly, that's absurd. There, I said it. The Doc's is forthcoming when he's finished listening to last night's Walkmen concert on

Dr. Milton von F├╝nkdoctorspock said...

1. “’77 Sunset Strip TV Theme”- TV theme songs are a lot of fun in the right situation. This is not one of those situations, especially when I haven’t even heard of the show. I imagine this show had homoerotic undertones. 1/10

2. Public Enemy, “Pollywanacraka”- Does “craka” refer to Caucasians, and is so, who is Polly? This song is more talking than hip hopping, but Terminator’s representing nicely. 7/10

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Catholic School Girls Rule”- When I loved the RHCP, which was briefly in high school, I imagine I loved this song because though I’d never been in a Catholic school, based on what I learned in Kentucky Fried Movie, the girls do indeed rule. 5/10

4. John Baker, “Festival Time”- This is from some BBC Radiophonic Workshop mixes that apparently mark the beginning of electronica music. Because I’m not too into that scene I haven’t listened to it much. 5/10

5. PJ Harvey, “Man-Size”- Bless her heart. Leave it to PJ to swoop in and save the day from a thus far uninteresting FRT. Love the PJ, but she’s one of those artists who I can’t separate from her music and thus I think it’d be awkward to meet her socially. 9/10

6. Cat Power, “After It All”- Look at the lovely ladies gangster representin’, yo! Tracked this album (The Greatest) on my way into work today. Her music chills me out so nicely I sometimes think it’s an illegal drug. This is a good thing. 9/10

7. The Beatles, “Yesterday”- Speaking of the greatest, these guys are considered just that for good reason. That being said, I mildly cringe whenever I hear a Paul hit since that guy can be such a bitch about who did what. That’s why this only gets a 9/10.

8. Free Kitten, “The Boasta”- A Kim Gordon side project with a member of Pavement and the Boredoms. A lot of fun. Short, punchy rock songs. 8/10

9. TMG, “The Hatch”- From Midwest Funk, a collection of funk from, you guessed it, the Midwest! Little known fact about the Midwest: everyone and everything is gangsta funky, which means this collex is gangsta h-o-t. 8/10

10. Bruce Springsteen, “Wreck on the Highway”- The Bossman knows his highways and he knows his car wrecks. This album, The River, is the elbow of ‘steen’s 70’s to 80’s transition, which means some good songs and some bad songs. This one straddles. 6/10

67, which is 69 between a really fat person and a really skinny person. Bitchin’.

Pooh said...

1. "Bo Diddley" - Bo Diddley. I saw him live a few years ago at an outdoor Blues Fest up here in AK - he remains one bad looking dude, and he somehow managed to achieve more cowbell, er, reverb then he does on record. 9/10.

2. "I Need A Lover" - John Mellancamp. Don't we all? Just one? I thought the point of rock stardom was never really needing for this sort of thing. And all groupies drive you crazy? What are we to tell the children who look up to you? 6/10.

3. "No Woman, No Cry" - The Fugees. I haven't heard a second of their new album, because I'm fearful. The Score was so good (as were the Lauryn Hill and the first two Wyclef albums) that I'm certain it will be a collassal disappointment. Not to mention that it might suck as well. 7/10.

4. "Desire" - U2. Heresy, but some of the Middle-Era U2 kinda boors me (this song, "In the Name of Love" and "When Love Comes to Town" spring to mind). 4/10.

5. "Stiff Upper Lip" - AC/DC. How can Klosterman both hate the blues and love AC/DC, who are essentially an Aussie blues band with bigger amps and more/better drugs? 9/10.

6. "Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Ft. Fugees) - Cypress Hill. Perhaps the best song Cypress ever did...and it only got released as a B-side/Remix. Really sounds more like a Fugees track than Cypress anyway, but this is a feature, not a bug. 9/10.

7. "Loch Lomond" - Chanticleer. Moving on. Quickly. (Yes, I am taking the low road, but I'll be finished with FRT afore ye...) 5/10.

8. "Get It Together" - Beastie Boys. I'm almost certain that this song was played 3+ times at every single house party I attended in college. Not complaining mind you...Uhhhh-uh-uh. OOOOH AHHHH EEEEEEEH OOOOH. (Oh yeah, "Heart like John Starks" might be the best rap lyric ever...) 10/10.

9. "Like a Stone" - Audioslave. Another band Klosterman hates. Though he claims that cops, LOVE these guys, which is odd when you consider that it's 3/4 Rage Against the Machine. F'you Officer, I won't do what you tell me... 7/10.

10. "Whenever, Wherever" - Shakira. The great thing about the Napster/Kazaa era was that it gave you plausible deniability for songs like this. Though it does put me in an akward bind of either admitting I paid for it or admitting I acquired it...extralegally. Photo bump to 5/10.

A very mainstream 7.1 this week.

Pooh said...

5) Fool in the Rain - Zepp. Hate it hate it hate it. 0000.000/10.


vw: polrn - which I believe is stripclub porn, the best kind.

Otto Man said...

vw: polrn

I'm going to need a translation for this one.

Pooh said...

verification word was "polrn"

Tokyo Joe said...

To settle any sort of Rush - Zep tie breaker, I give you this: The coolest fan made video ever!

The Doc said...

1. She's Hearing Voices - Bloc Party. Four guys whangling about on guitars, supported by a kickass drum beat. Good song, but it can seem a little long when you're not in the mood. 7/10.
2. Like A Soldier - Johnny Cash. Cash makes merely good lyrics great here. A step down in tempo, but a step up in talent. 8/10.
3. Get On Top - Red Hot Chili Peppers. And we're back on top, so to speak! The Chilis remembered how to funk for a few minutes! 9/10.
4. Blood On Our Hands - Death From Above 1979. The last 20 or so seconds on the track kind of bring it down, but the song is a rock masterpiece. 9/10.
5. Out of Time - Blur. I remember, when I was in High School, saying that Blur would ultimately be more successful than Radiohead. Oh, how wrong I was. Nice pop song, just on the better side of "typical". 6/10.
6. So High So Low - Ben Harper. "Rocks" so "hard" that I need to put quote marks around the words because it's bordering on self-parody. Mindless and acceptable. 6/10.
7. Heaven is a Truck - Pavement. A lot of people can't take the lazy, slapped-together sounds of Pavement. I do, but this song tests even my patience. 2/10.
8. Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie. SO LONG. I mean, I like Death Cab, and this is actually a pretty nice song, but not for an FRT. 5/10.
9. This Year's Girl - Elvis Costello. Pretty decent pop song from Elvis. 7/10.
10. Sucker MCs - Run-DMC. HOT STUFF. Stripped-down old-school hip-hop. 9/10.

Wow, this week's all-over-the-place entry nets only 68/100. That's disappointing.

Otto Man said...

Nice link, Joe. I've got a friend who's been in the throes of Chronic Rush Addiction for years now. This will make his day.