Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pants on Fire

I'm thrilled to report that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld just got his ass handed to him at a Q&A session today, when a 27-year CIA analyst called him out on his prewar lies about WMDs in Iraq.

Think Progress has both the transcript and the video, but you should be sure to watch the video to get the full glory of the moment -- the way in which the toadies in the audience laugh along at Rummy's initial parry, the way he's then left speechless when his own lies are thrown back at him, and the nice moment where His Majesty tells the hired goons not to drag the questioner away to Gitmo, and then proceeds to wet himself in blinking confusion.

Priceless. Go watch the whole thing.

(Thanks to Daily Kos for the link.)


Mr Furious said...

That. Is. Awesome.

(What is not awesome is contantly having to log in to post comments, even at my own blog. Is this happening to the rest of you guys as well?)

Otto Man said...

Yeah, same here. Blogger seems to have restored some of its long-term memory.

Thrillhous said...

watching now. what the hell is up with the people cheering rummy? were they bussed in? are these the brooks brothers revolt guys, from the 2000 Fla. election?

best quote so far:

"I'm not in the intelligence business."

Yeah, blogger's been bothering me lately too. It wasnt' letting me submit comments. I could type them, but they didn't go through. I figured blogger just didn't think I was very funny. Must've gotten that from Mrs. T.

Blogger has been treating me nicely today, though.

Otto Man said...

The cheers are the really sad part, along with the giggles they have at the end when Rummy unbelievably pawns the WMD stuff off on the troops: "Why do you think they were wearing chemical suits?"

Um, gee ... perhaps because they were ordered to? I didn't realize that the military had adopted a Casual Friday dress code, and that the troops were now allowed to wear whatever they wanted when they were invading a country. Man, they must really love that desert camo pattern, because it was all the rage in summer '03.

While the logic is shitty, so is the cowardice. Once again, Rummy hides behind the troops. What an unmitigated douchebag.

S.W. Anderson said...

CNN, on Anderson Cooper's show, did a remarkably good job this evening of debunking one thing after another Rumsfeld said during this fracas.

Otto Man said...

Daryn Kagan, a.k.a. She Who Used to See Rush Limbaugh Naked, was just chairing CNN and it seemed like it was killing her to point out that Rummy had actually said that.