Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ballers and Busts - Week of July 15

Here is a new feature for the blogger site. The editors will propose "Ballers" and "Busts" for the week. The areas may be grown and shrunk, but I would propose as follows: Sports, Politics, Life.

On Monday AM, we will post the official winners who will receive the official "Baller" Seal of Approval or "Bust" Block of Shame.

Here are my picks:

SPORTS--- BALLER: Rafael Furcal - Atlanta Braves SS. Has played excellent in the field and went 9/16 (.563) at bat. His efforts have been critical to keep America's team in the running for the playoffs. BUST: NHL Players Assoc - they ended up agreeing to the owners demands. If they knew this was their option, they could have played last year. So much for hockey in the south. (Go Leafs!)

POLITICS: BALLER: Senator Collins (R-ME) - Senator called the House out on its embarrassing behavior fighting over the (potential) Rove controversy instead of focusing on terrorist legislation. Thank you for doing the right thing. BUST: Bill Frist (R - TN) - given your job description reads that you are the "leader" of the "majority", (a) your followers seem sparse and (b) your ideas seem fringe at best, idiotic at worst. Mary Helen Lowery would be disappointed.

LIFE: BALLER: Joseph Hachem: Winner of the $7.5 million grand prize for the World Series of Poker (as a first time entry). Thanks to you millions of average joes will become problem gamblers next year. (But use me as the referral, I could use the cash). BUST: Parents Television Council - Who is "telling on" ABC for airing Live 8 with the band "The Who" saying the same "f" bomb they have uttered for 25 years. I am a parent. You guys deserve to have the lame ass kids you have.


Otto Man said...

I bet Susan Collins is flattered to be called a "baller."

Studiodave said...

As she should be.