Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Major Smear Campaign

Today on CNN, anchor Kyra Philips took time out from her busy schedule of tracking missing white women and not-so-missing killer sharks to weigh in on the unfolding Karl Rove scandal. After reporter Bob Franken closed a segment with a clip of John Kerry saying Rove should be fired, Philips had this to say:
Philips: "Bob, definitely a major smear campaign going on. I mean, what [are] the chances of hearing from Karl Rove? Could he speak? Could he come forward? A lot of people said that could clear the air if he just came forward and gave the facts?"

Yes, yes, poor little Karl Rove. He maliciously outed one of our covert CIA operatives for some cheap political payback, and now the mean ol' Democrats are saying that he shouldn't be running things in the White House.

The Loneliest Boy in the World just doesn't have anyone to defend him -- his lawyer has acknowledged Rove spoke to the reporters about Plame, the press is actually demanding accountability for past White House statements that (a) Rove wasn't the leaker and (b) whoever it was would be fired, and Republicans in Washington are running away from him like he's got cooties. Gay cooties.

Thank God that Kyra Philips is there to befriend this noble public servant.


alex supertramp said...

gay cooties are icky -- but kiera knightley is kinda hot, when did she start working for CNN, and WHY does she like that POS Rove?..oh no the gay cooties must have manifested as mad cow (no way the USDA missed the real thing!) and is rotting her mind!

Ra_wiggum said...
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Ra_wiggum said...

Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, said Rove did not disclose Valerie Plame's name, a point that Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, called a distinction without a difference.

"The fact that he didn't give her name, but identified the ambassador's wife ... doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who that is," Biden said

"Now, when I tap your foot and say 'Hello Mr. Johnson', you nod your head"

"I think he's talking to you...."

Otto Man said...

Yeah, I love Rove's excuse. "I never uttered the words 'Valerie Plame.' I merely referred to 'the wife of Ambassador Joseph Wilson.'" Right. Media Matters did a Google search based on that information, and came up with the real name of Valerie Plame in six minutes.

Otto Man said...

Kyra's at it again, right now, "interviewing" a SWAT commander from Los Angeles about a recent shooting in which a hostage was accidentally shot. It sounds like the cops did all they could, and things just went wrong. But Philips is making their case better than even the police spokesman. Kyra: That's not your job.