Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Random Ten

Once again, it's time for the Friday Random Ten. You know the rules by now -- take out your iPod (or, for Yankees fans, your aRod), set it on random, and give us the first ten pearls of wisdom that drop out of that thing. And if you're feeling frisky, go ahead and include the coolness self-audit.

Here are mine.

1. Curtis Mayfield, "Keep On Trippin'" -- If there ever was a Patron Saint of Cool, it would have to be Curtis Mayfield. This is one of his mellower tunes, but as the man says, just keep on trippin'. 8/10

2. Cheap Trick, "Surrender" -- This song always makes me think of Mike Damone scalping tickets in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." A rocker about drugs, lesbians and life in the sunny '70s. 7/10

3. Wesley Willis, "Rock and Roll McDonalds" -- If you've never heard of Wesley Willis, he's a middle-aged, overweight, schizophrenic, homeless guy who "sings" about everyday life over a Casio keyboard. It's like they made a Broadway musical about the crazy guy at the bus station. So bad it's good. 9/10

4. Mudhoney, "Good Enough" -- One of their later songs, a little less grungy and a little more strummy, but still full of that Mudhoney flavor. Anyway, the title says it all. It's good enough, OK? 7/10

5. Magnetic Fields, "Take Ecstacy with Me" -- This is what pop music would sound like in a perfect world. Beautiful stuff. 9/10

6. Sufjan Stevens, "The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts" -- A sweet folk song about Superman, off the new CD "Illinoise." Folk is, I understand, inherently wimpy. But folk songs about the Man of Steel? Not wimpy. Suck it, Luthor. 8/10

7. Mötörhead, "God Save the Queen" -- There's something about the bloated, semi-conscious corpse of Lemmy screaming well-wishes to Her Royal Highness that just works incredibly well. I think Tony Blair should have him perform this at state dinners. 7/10

8. Jay-Z, "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" -- Yeah, you'd better turn the music up in the headphones. I know he's about as establishment as hiphop gets these days, but this is a great tune off a great album. 7/10

9. Death Cab for Cutie, "Title and Registration" -- This may be my favorite song of the decade. The band loses points for winning the hearts of "O.C." preteens everywhere, but not even that level of mainstream exposure can bring this tune down. 9/10

10. Dead Kennedys, "Moral Majority" -- Easily the best '80s punk song written about Jerry Falwell. Sure, there are a lot of great contenders out there, but this is the best. And still, I'd give it just medium marks. 6/10

Overall, the scores here give me a mighty 7.7 average. Checking in with the Cool-o-Meter, that puts me somewhere between Isaac Washington on the "Love Boat" and Isaac Hayes in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka." Can I get one rib?

Alright, boys and girls, you know the routine. Drop your own random ten in the comments, with or without the coolness self-audit.


Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Introduction: Still don't have a portable music player.

Methods and Materials: Opened our shared Winamp program and opened up my "best of" list that's still being built. It excludes James, cuz they have their own list. This list, plus James, is what will be on my ~iPod, whenever I get one.

1. They Might Be Giants, "Theme from Flood"
2. Tool, "Sober"
3. Radiohead, "Thinking About You"
4. U2, "Mothers of the Disappeared"
5. Live, "Selling the Drama" – Actually elicits fond memories of high school.
6. Radiohead, Killer Cars (live) – From the great Itch EP!
7. They Might Be Giants, "Minimum Wage"
8. Tool, "Prison Sex"
9. U2, "Running to Stand Still"
10. Love Spit Love, "Change in the Weather"

Conclusion: Me and Mr T don't have much music in common.

Thrillhous said...

Man do I need to get you out of my winamp. Look at all that garbage. Remind me to give you a wedgie when I get home tonight.

Lemme tell you folks a little secret: if Mrs. T hadn't excluded James from her list, it'd make up 90% of it. Danged computer is so junked up with their songs. I'm trying to figure out a way to make the virus scanner remove them, but no luck yet.

Since I'm at work right now and have only the same 10 albums that I've had the last few weeks to randomly select from, I'm going to wait 'til I get home tonight to do my random 10. Then you will see how a real man rocks out, my friends!

Hey, lemme ask you Ipodites a question. Do you have to use the iTunes program on your computer, or are other media players compatible with the ipod (i.e., can you download/upload from the ipod to a non-Apple media player)? Also, do you have to use iTunes to get songs off of Apple's song service?

I know a lot of folks love the iTunes player, but it just hasn't clicked with me. Presently, I use winamp at home and windows media player at work. Both are good, but winamp isn't constantly trying to get on the net and tell Bill Gates what I had for breakfast.

Yossarian said...

Ottoman -
You are way too rough on yourself. Mudhoney deserves a least a 9/10 (screw generation Y) and Motorhead deserves an 11/10 because if "Lemmy got in a fight with God" we all know who would win. Also you better not come to my hood with only a 7/10 for Jay-Z. You be illin' (do the kids still stay that?). Either way - much cooler than you give credit for.

I will post later when I feel cooler said...

I think Otto must be blotto, because he's suffering from serious grade inflation (until he gets to the Dead Kennedys). Cheap Trick? 7/10? Did you just see them at a Six Flags or something?

1) Danny Elfman,"Dead Presidents Theme" This album of 70s soul tunes was a great purchase in a Minneapolis used cd store but this track is not evidence of that.

2) Pixies, "Lovely Day" Ahh, can't get enough of those darned Pixies.

3) Johnny Cash "I Won't Back Down" His American recordings blow me away.

4) The Black Crowes "Black Moon Creeping" This is one of the first 2 cds I got on the same day I bought my first cd player 13 years ago. So I had to play it a lot. If it weren't for ripping songs onto my computer, I might have never listened to it since, which wouldn't have been so bad.

6) Badly Drawn Boy "Disillusion" Good, in a British sort of way.

7) Jim Croce "Time in a Bottle" While I love me some Croce, I will always associate this song, much like Orsen Welles, with a wine commercial.

8) Cowboy Junkies "Townes' Blues" I've won one radio call-in contest in my life and it was for Cowboy Junkies tickets. I gave 'em to a girl who broke up with me before the concert. She's getting married in the fall. Apparently, you can find that stuff out if you search on-line gift registries.

9) Modest Mouse "Dark Center of the Universe" I predict that everyone will be hearing about this band soon. They're very obscure and I discovered them, but soon they'll be big. Not SNL musical guest big, but they'll be big.

10) Kelis "Milkshake" I bought this as a favor to Nas. I do like good, maybe even phat, beats, but this is proof that drinking and the iTunes store don't mix.

Otto Man said...

Me and Mr T don't have much music in common.

That's actually a good thing. We're trying to breed the Yes gene out of the population.

Otto Man said...

Ottoman - You are way too rough on yourself.

I think Otto must be blotto, because he's suffering from serious grade inflation

The people have spoken. I am both too hard and too soft, much like doughy porn star Ron Jeremy.

I stand by the Cheap Trick rating. Just that one song of theirs. But nice Six Flags reference.

Yossarian said...

After last week's horrible random ten, I hope I can redeem myself here at LLATPON with a much cooler random ten. So here we go : no whammies, no whammies, no whammies:

1. Fuck Her Gently - Tenacious D - BUYAH!!! Someone must like me because I got the world's most romantic song evah next to Lionel Ritchie's "Stuck on You". From greatest band in the world. All praise the D!!! 10/10

2.Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation - Probably the most forgetable track off the Garden State Soundtrack, which is a great soundtrack ( and usually I hate soundtracks) 6/10

3. Satin Doll - Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington once was asked to classify a certain type of music and his answer was " there are only two types of music, good music and bad music" 8/10

4.Tears of Rage - The Band - My feelings on November 3rd 2004. 'nuff said. 7/10

5. Hiro's Songs - Ben Folds - I just got this album and I haven't had a chance to determine if it is cool or not. Is Ben Folds cool still? 5/10

6.Smooth Operator - Sade - you know I noticed that there are ALOT of cheesy 80's songs on not only my list, but also your lists. I like this you. Great sax line. 8/10

7. I am Canadian - Molson Commercial - about ten years ago, Molson had these radio ads that tried to dispel the stereotypes of Canadians. I made a mix C.D. of Canadian songs on a trip to Toronto a couple years back and put this on, thinking I was clever. No one in the car thought I was clever. 5/10

8. Only You - Portishead (Live In NYC) - Hey everybody, are you tired of feeling good about yourself and the world around you? Then gang, let's put on some Portishead. This recording was from a SNL performance and great fender rhodes solo. 7/10

9. Strong Thing - Too Much Joy - This band is my generation's Blink 182. Not much talent or very deep or that interesting, but still a lot of fun. 7/10

10. Twin Falls - Ben Folds Five- This is a Built to Spill cover, which Ben does better. It is probably one of my favorite songs that he does and if you have not heard this one, it is worth buying/ downloading/ borrowing/ stealing/ whatever. 10/10

I feel better. Stronger. More at piece. Do I get some sort of most improved ribbon or something?

Otto Man said...

I feel better. Stronger. More at piece. Do I get some sort of most improved ribbon or something?

You would, but we're keeping that in reserve for Thrillhous's first FRT that doesn't have a Scorpions song in it. Kepp hope alive, people!

Otto Man said...

Thrillhous, yes, you have to use iTunes for both the iPod and their music download service. Works fine off a PC, or so Malibu Stacy tells me.

Thrillhous said...

Thanks for the infotainment, Otto. Man am I wantin that ribbon. But a top 10 without the Scorpions? Dude, that's like a hamburger with no ham.

Yos, that's an excellent point about Lemmy. Like Master Blaster, he can beat most men with his breath.

Buffalo, man your comment on song 10 is right on. I don't use the iTunes store, but many's the time when I've cruised ebay after too many beers and hurt myself badly. "A Richie Rich Pez dispenser from 1986? That's worth $20."

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

I like two Cheap Trick songs, by association. I saw the Posies once, and they did a good cover of "Surrender" (which was the first time I'd heard it). "Mighty Wings" is on the Top Gun soundtrack.

The future little T'houses are already doomed to have unruly hair and thick glasses. I'll do my best to protect them from the likes of Yes and Europe.

Otto Man said...

Reminds me of this classic Onion headline: "Owner of Complete Set of 'Mama's Family' Videos Vows Never to Go On Ebay Drunk Again."

InanimateCarbonRod said...

Yeah, I'm back with my ten:

1) "Never Let Me Down," Kanye West feat. Jay-Z
Yeeeeah, babeee! This may be the best song off this album. Bonus points for Jay-Z. I am down. 10/10

2) "Take Five," The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Come on jazz! I love seeing some of that cool stuff pop up. Great tune in spite of being overused in marketing campaigns. 10/10

3) "I Love You (BT Mix)," Sarah McLachlan
I can't stay hip forever, can I? This is an remix of a not very good Sarah McLachlan song. It was a free download if that helps. Oh, wait, it lasts 9 minutes. 3/10

4) "62," Album
This is a strange group you should check out. Kind of an electronica Los Lobos singing in Spanish. Their entire ouvre is available for fee download. This is a good tune. 7/10

5) "Supersonic," Bad Religion
Never really got into this band, but I like punk. This one is okay, but not nearly angry enough. 5/10

6) "No One Else But You," Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five
Now I'm cool again. This tune puts a smile on your face. 8/10

7) "On Vacation," The Robot Ate Me
What the hell is this? How did this get on my computer? This song sucks. Delete this mofo. 1/10

8) "My Friends Have," Marianne Faithfull
Now this is a song I love. You can smell the cigarettes and bourbon from here. 9/10

9) "YYZ (live)," Rush
From Rush in Rio. Nobody pounds the skins like Neil Peart. I will always have a special place in my heart for Toronto's airport because of this song. 10/10

10) "The Sining," Badly Drawn Boy
It's fine if you're a sensitive ponytail man. I cut my hair a long time ago. 5/10

Otto Man said...

Buffalo Theory, if you're wondering why Cheap Trick scored a 7/10 on my list, look no further than the perfect 10/10 that a Rush song got. A Rush song about the Toronto airport, no less.

The soft bigotry of low expectations, indeed.

Studiodave said...

I never want to see the phrase, "beating the skins" again.

You can shatter a perfectly good phallus that way.


"It's highly polished; it's clearly recognisable," said Professor Conard.

The Tübingen team working Hohle Fels already had 13 fractured parts of the phallus in storage, but it was only with the discovery of a 14th fragment last year that the team was able finally to put the "jigsaw" together.


Ra_wiggum said...

From the desk of Ralph Wiggum:

Here is my random 10:

1) 10th & Crenshaw - Fatboy Slim. Love everything on this album (Better Living Through chemistry) 8/10

2) Traveller - Talvin Singh. This is from the "OK" album, not his more famous Anokha, but a great track 8/10

3) Soul Surfing - Fatboy Slim. Wow, my ipod seems to have a bias. Another great fatboy track 9/10

4) Unnamed - Paul Van Dyke. Unfortunately this track is unnamed because I burnt it from someone and didn't get the song names. However, I need to find out what it is because it's one my most favorite tracks of his ever 10/10

5) Outro Lugar - Dimitri from Paris You'll recognize this dance song when you hear it. Not bad 7/10

6) So Cruel - U2 7/10

7) One Too Many Mornings - Chemical Brothers. great track 8/10

8) Build it up - tear it Down - Fatboy Slim. I'm convinced my shuffle feature has a fatboy bias. What the hell? Anyway, this is another great one. 9/10

9) MC Sultan / Der Bauch (from an asian electronic compilation CD) 9/10

10) Kiss - Prince. What can I say. this song makes me want to go to Culture Club and hit on some cougars. 10/10

Ra_wiggum said...

Why is finding a jpg of ralph wiggum such a moving target?? Let's try this.....

Otto Man said...

You were better the first time, Ralphie.

By the way, Fatboy Slim's manager just faxed over the new restraining order. From now on, you're not allowed within 200 feet. said...

Yossarian, kudos on the Molson commercial. The "I am Canadian" campaign was also in response to Labatt's commercial where a Canadian bear says something to the effect of "if I can get the best thing about Canada in America, why go back." Which would be a great slapdown to Labatt's for selling out if Molson didn't then sell out to an American brewing company. Dammed Coors!

Yossarian said...

Ra_Wiggum - I am afraid to tell you that Fatboy Slim hasn't put anything good out since he left The Housemartins. Sad, but true.

Buffalotheory - Coors is the only beer that I will not drink because of political convictions. There are lots of beers that I don't drink because of bad advertising, but only Coors is owned and operated by family of right wing nuts.

Otto Man said...

I think we're all agreed on the evil that is Coors. Plus, it's easier to boycott a beer that sucks so very, very much.

In my mind, "Coors Light" is a textbook definition of redundancy. I don't know who drinks that -- people who just like to urinate a lot, I suppose.

Malibu Stacy said...

Here's today's random ten, straight from the Malibu Dream House:

1. The Cure, "Love Cats"
2. Jack Johnson, "Better Together"
3. R.E.M., "King of Birds"
4. Bo Diddley, "Who Do You Love?"
5. Talking Heads, "And She Was"
6. My Bloody Valentine, "When You Sleep"
7. James Brown, "Down and Out in New York City"
8. Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
9. Eric B. and Rakim, "Follow the Leader"
10. The Shins, "Know Your Onion!"

Thrillhous said...

Okay, I know it's Saturday, but last night some beers fell in my mouth and I accidentally drank them. Watched the Jet Li movie "Unleashed" as well. Not great for Kung Fu, but I just can't get enough of Morgan Freeman, so I didn't care. And Bob Hoskins is a great bad guy.

I finally got winamp programmed up with the randomized playlist, but dammit if the massive number of James songs on our computer don't make me look fruitier than a Cosmopolitan. Let's hope my rockin' good tunes can overpower the nightmare that is Brit rock.

1. Useless - Depeche Mode. The song title nicely sums up my feelings about DM. this one gets a negative 3 out of 10.

2. In the Light - Zeppelin. Awesome cosmic rock song from Physical Graffitti. I discovered this song at the same time I was reading David Brin's "Startide Rising," and it's weird how well the song fits with the story. 10/10

3. The Sheriff - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Okay, we've recovered from that DM song! Wow, is this a great song. On each of their momentous albums, the boys from ELP like to lighten it up and do a silly song. this is the silly song from Trilogy. Great tune. 9/10

4. If I Ever Lose My Faith in You - Sting. I don't know if that's the title of the song, but it's the first line in the chorus. Sucks. 5/10.

5. Fly on the Windscreen - Depeche Mode. Dammit! 0/10

6. Such Unlikely Lover - Burt Bacharach. I think I'm going to barf. But at least this guy's got real talent and is American. 3/10.

7. Work Hard - Depeche Mode. Who knew they had so many songs? 0/10.

8. Goal Goal Goal - James. This is a live version of their "hit" tune Low Low Low, but they changed all the lyrics to describe foosball. I have to admit, I actually really like this song. The apocalypse may begin. 7/10

9. I Know What I'm Here For - James. Two in a row? Now that's just asking too much. 1/10

10. Radio Gaga - Queen. Okay, ending on a high note. Not my favorite Queen song, but man it classes up this list. 7/10

Otto Man said...

That's a lot of James and Depeche Mode for a married man.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

He would have more songs on the list if he'd buy a CD from a different decade and/or genre.