Thursday, July 14, 2005

Crazy Cooter cummin atcha

So, there's this guy who played a character called "Cooter" on the show "Dukes of Hazzard" a few years back, and it seems that he's unhappy with the feature film remake that's in the works. Why? Because the movie is going to suck beyond all comprehension? No:
Frankly, I think the whole project shows an arrogant disrespect for our show, for our cast, for America's families, and for the sensibilities of the heartland of our country.
Let me remind everyone that this show, the embodiment of "the sensibilities of the heartland of our country," had protagonists who were bootleggers driving a car with a big rebel flag on it. There are a lot of reasons to hate this film, but I think being insensitive to drug runners who proudly display a symbol which is - at best - somewhat divisive may not be the first one to jump on.

And when your name is "Cooter," it kind of undercuts your credibility when you complain about the raunchiness of a TV commercial.


Joe College said...


I loved the old Dukes TV show when I was a kid, but you're spot on with this one!


Studiodave said...

Rod, you spelled "coming" incorrectly.

Also, I would like to indicate "Pearl Jam" (the band) has a different meaning which is also not suitable for America's heartland.

Finally, I would like for all off-topic posts to my "Beaver Divers" blog to recognize that we are a Canadian swim club.

Otto Man said...

Kung Fu Monkey had a great post up a while back saying that the Dukes movie would only be interesting if they made Roscoe P. Coltrane the hero. He'd be an honest, hard-working cop trying to keep Hazzard County safe from the evil Duke boys -- a bunch of white supremacist, meth-lab-running, exploding-arrow-shooting, car-crashing rednecks. Of course, I guess then it would be "Walking Tall" with Joe Don Baker (or, for the kids, The Rock).

alex supertramp said...

there is nothing funnier than meth lab antics and drug running hijinx -- please keep in mind that Ben 'Cooter' Jones is also a former dem congressman and I think he's just pissed they didn't ask him to take part in the new movie/get any scenes where he and Daisy (Jessica Simpson's famous Double Ds) Duke snort up a bunch o' meth and get all freaky redneck style.....

Otto Man said...

Yeah, Ben Jones is trying to follow in the footsteps of former Sen. Zell Miller (D-Thunderdome) by complaining that pop culture disrespects the heartland.

But when you yourself made a career playing a sleeveless, unshaven, outlaw grease monkey named "Cooter," maybe you're not the best person to make the case for Defending Southern Dignity.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Alas! To cast a blonde instead of a brunette. I'll take Charmed instead any day.