Sunday, July 10, 2005

Frog Marching

David Corn
has a tip on the latest in the Rove story. This could actually be going somewhere.


Thrillhous said...

That pic is too awesome!

Here's the address of the Newsweek article Corn predicts:

I'm sure that there's a way to make that address turn into a link, but that's way too much effort for the Sabbath.

Yossarian said...

Go back to sleep America - Everything is okay. Go shopping in our wondeful malls. There is no corruption. Watch America's funniest most real famliy home make overs. Go back to sleep. Buy duct tape. Everything is alright.

Studiodave said...

So letme get this right - last week the conseravives were complaining that the "Time" material SHOULD be turned over at the expense of confidentiality.

And they took down their chief strategists?

The irony is beyond words.

alex supertramp said...

irony and duct tape - who loves america baby! - by the way, I think Sabbath could figure out how to make that hyperlink fly, not only do they rock but they are quite technologically proficient.

Otto Man said...

Well, it looks like if Rove gets locked up, it'll be for perjury.

Anyone have quotes from the Clinton impeachment proceedings, where all the right-wingers said their vendetta had nothing to do with sex, but about Clinton's lying about sex under oath? About how perjury was the awfulest crime imaginable, and anyone who committed it deserved to be destroyed?

Yossarian said...

I don't have actual quotes, but here is an article that I have from back in '98 that is kinda creepy in it's power to predict the future.