Thursday, July 14, 2005

Roval Office

The Chicago Tribune has a delicious article (sorry, subscription required) today about a certain doughy Douchebag of Liberty. Nothing too groundbreaking, but there are several nice tidbits. Here's one:

"Rove is not just any White House staffer. He is the man," said Scott Reed, a Republican consultant with close ties to the White House. "They haven't named it the `Roval Office' at this point, but that's coming down the pike. At least they should call it the `Rove Garden."'

Thanks for helping pile on, Reedy boy!


Otto Man said...

Scott Reed has been living in Rove's shadow for years now. Reed couldn't get an accomplished pro like Bob Dole across the finish line in '96, but Rove took C-Plus Augustus and elected him president. Twice. There's got to be some anger there.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

coinage scorecard (google news, 8 pm EST):

Rovegate: 9
Plame Game: 6
Karlgate: 2

I prefer #2, but we need to finger the culprit, so I hope #1 sticks. Also, using "game" trivializes his pursuit.