Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ballers & Busts

With the mad props I received with the last B & B post, I have been begged to do another one. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and emails, especially those who chose to interpret everything as pornography related. Without further ado:

Ballers : Lance Armstrong - this subject has been beaten to death given the race is all but over, so all we have to discuss is his legacy. I would note - a legacy and Sheryl Crow.
Bust: T.O - The Eagles have essentially called you their bitch and with you admitting you will actually report to training camp, you acknowledged it. This is Max Power negotiation at its best.

Ballers: W. Bush Administration - Hate to say it, but the administration has successfully danced around the Plame leak, deepening Iraq quagmire, troop morale erosion, conservative Supreme Court nominee, and US homeland security questions after additional London bombings. They are surviving the results of their own decisions and with the magnitude of the mistakes they have made - staying alive is an impressive feat.
Busts: Hillary Clinton (D-NY) - In an embarrassing play for the soccer mom vote and national exposure, she has alerted world to the threat of violence/nudity in video games. This is simply a political move, wasting time and effort when homeland security improvements languish in committees.

Baller: - A website that didn't make much money, but still was sold to the Fox empire for $400 million. Nice.
Bust: Courtney Love - Checks into hospital for over-dosing.


Otto Man said...

I think the Bush administration's dancing is soon going to be revealed to be a Wile E. Coyote dancing-in-midair-about-to-fall maneuver.

And when did they let Love out of rehab? I thought she lived there.

Studiodave said...

The intent of the Bush baller was the "you don't sweat much for a fat chick" compliment. I guess I failed in the delivery...

And Courtney found she couldn't get as many drugs in rehab so she left.

Studiodave said...

This is an early lead for next weeks bust:

Alexander Greve, 25, who arrived for the party (in Berlin, Germany)decked out in a single glove, black wig and sparkly silver jacket, said he spent six days standing outside the courthouse in Santa Maria, California.

"I even shook his hand. That was a really great feeling," Greve said, adding that it was obvious Jackson would be too tired to travel to Berlin.

But others, such as Kayhan Ayden, 28, held out hope their hero would still make an appearance.

"Maybe he'll surprise me and still show up," Ayden said.

Otto Man said...

I'd like to nominate the assclown coach who paid one of his peewee players $25 to intentionally knock out an 8-year-old autistic player. Not just an autistic kid, but one on his own team. Had him throw bean balls at the kid's head.

There's a special circle of hell for those kind of people. And it's stocked with Richard Simmons robots.