Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fox News: Objectively Pro-Treason

Courtesy of Oliver Willis, we can see that anchor John Gibson of Fox News has stated in his "My Word" segment that if Karl Rove did, in fact, out covert CIA operative Valerie Plame, then Rove should be given a medal. Seriously. Watch it yourself.

My word, indeed.

It's been said before, by folks more eloquent than me, but I miss Republicans. Remember them? The grown-ups who were all about fiscal responsibility, government accountability and deeds-not-words patriotism? The folks who used to think that outing one of our own covert intelligence agents was a bad thing?


Studiodave said...

I was impressed to see Bush didn't jump to Rove's defense today.

That being said, I would have put Rove on a "fact finding mission" to the North Pole to get this questions pushed to the side.

Yossarian said...

He said "we don't want secret puppet masters pulling strings on national sercurity" YET when Rove does it (ala outing covert agents) he deserves a medal. I must be taking crazy pills!!!

Otto Man said...

I was struck by the same line as Yossarian. If the phrase "secret puppet master pulling strings" makes me think of anyone, it's Karl Rove. I wouldn't be surprised if his Secret Service code name was "Gepetto."

I know, the president likes to call him "Turdblossom," but that's only because (a) Dubya likes to pretend he's in charge and (b) "my Sith master" just sounds too creepy.