Tuesday, July 05, 2005

That's a Pretty Big Lock

So, it looks like the early money for a Supreme Court nomination is on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. I know Bush has an open crush on AG AG, but I can't imagine a worse possible pick for Bush at this point. The right hates Gonzales because they suspect he's squishy on abortion and gay rights, while the left hates Gonzales because they've seen his fine handiwork on torture and civil liberties. This is a moderate pick, alright, but one that would manage to send both sides into fits. I just can't see it happening, so I wouldn't bet on Gonzales just yet.

But if you're one of those compulsive type gamblers, I'd recommend you put your money on J. Michael Luttig. He's the darling of the Religious Right and he's young enough to stay on the bench for decades if Bush can get him through. In fact, I'm making him my Lock of the Week.


Thrillhous said...

I think I read on a blog somewhere that perhaps Bush would put forth Gonzalez knowing that he'd be rejected by both sides, and then he could say that he'd tried to put in a moderate. Next thing you know he'll nominate some nutball.

Don't forget that at least 3 judges, that Janice Brown and the other 2 in the filibuster agreement, have already essentially been greenlighted as a result of said fili agreement. Bush could put up Gonzales, appear shocked when he's rejected, and then nominate Brown.

Studiodave said...

The bio on Ottoman's boy said he was a "federalist."

Having a vague idea what that meant I looked to the web for a definition and got 2 different answers.

(1) An organizational structure in which the center reserves some decision-making authority, but all decisions not specially reserved are made at the nodes. Decisions are made at the lowest appropriate level.


(2) One who believes in a strong centralized power.

So, is the blond Potsey a centralist (ie modern GOP - see 2000 Florida election) OR a states rights guy.

Help me. I need closure.

InanimateCarbonRod said...

That filibuster thing is stoopid. I've learned most of the arcane rules of the Senate by watching Frank Capra movies, and I'm positive that in order to begin a filibuster it only takes one person to find his or her nards and start yammering.

alex supertramp said...
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Otto Man said...

Blond Potsie is a Federalist in the sense of the Federalist Society, the states' rights groups of conservatives who always respect the rights of states to decide vital matters.

(WARNING: Respect for state rights will not be honored if the issue at hand involves Florida's presidential electoral votes, California's medicinal marijuana laws, Vermont's civil unions for gay couples, etc. etc. They mean states' rights to be conservative.)