Thursday, July 28, 2005

Postcards From The Edge

My apologies to my multitudes of fans in being so quiet the last several days, but Studiodave was crippled by a nasty flu bug. I did make several cryptic notes on my bedside table that I wanted to pass on. Please note that I was heavily under the influence of Nyquil and there is a Lewis Carroll quality to some of them.

(1) Nancy Grace - I realized what bothers me about here, she is like the suburban housewife who is bitter about her own life but knows how everyone else should run theirs. Her insights into the "SWF meets Weekend at Bernie’s" in Aruba are criminally mundane and embarrassing.

(2) Evangelism on TV - Back in the good ole days (90's), TV evangelists had an offer - send us money and we will pray to make you (a) loved, (b) get better, (c) get into heaven. Now, there is a decidedly crusade-like tone where the money is to be spent in Washington to save the nation. Now, I know these folks will go where the money is - but if you are not even going to talk about the soul, is this evangelism? Gone are the days when the pink haired lady asked for money to launch a satellite to reach Africans with Christ’s word.

(3) Atlanta Braves - This team has a lot of rookies and is a lot of fun to watch. Look for the Braves to lose today so take the Expo's/Nats (and the over if you're feeling gutsy).

(4) Tony Blair - While up at 4am, I caught his live press conference. The difference between the press there and the questions they get to ask is amazing. I found Blair a little annoying like a British prep school boy. I didn't find his tough talk particularly convincing.

(5) Rumsfeld's "Surprise Visit" to Iraq - I love the phrasing "surprise visit," like its Mr. T showing up on Different Strokes. If you can't announce it because every gun will be pointing at the sky on your planes approach, I don't think that constitutes a "surprise."

(6) Troop withdrawal in early 2006 - somehow this does not feel anything like victory or a transfer of responsibility. But with regiments going over for a 3rd tour of duty, no stomach to institute a draft, no plan to fund the war - what else can you do?

(7) Boy Scout Troop Jamboree - Be prepared? This thing sounds more like Little Big Horn.


Thrillhous said...

Great post, StudD! I will draft off you.

1) Yeah, she really really really sucks. She lives to be indignant. I bet she's no fun on Christmas.

2) Yeah, evangelism ain't what it used to be. As Bart might say, they've forgotten it's supposed to be about the grammar. These days I can only stomach Joel Osteen and this Amazon lady who shows up on UPN late at night.

3) Nobody likes the Braves, even the Braves fans. When will that jackass pitching coach stop rocking back and forth? What is he sitting on?

4) Blair is a strange beast, no? I wonder if, down the road a ways, he's remembered as the most important world leader of this time. Even bigger than Clin-ton, maybe. Then again, it's only Britain.

5) Mr. T on Diff'rent Strokes. Hah! Maybe they should rename the Rummy appearances "sneak visits."

6) Don't worry, Oreilly and co. will blow this troop withdrawal into the greatest patriotic act ever, as it's timed to occur during the runup to the '06 elections.

7) That's been a big story around here too. Assembling a tent beneath a power line? Hiring contractors to help put up the tent? Victims had to be carried, not driven, 3 miles to the base hospital? I smell lawsuit.

InanimateCarbonRod said...

I thought kicking gay people out of your organization was supposed to protect you from acts of God.

Thrillhous said...

Good point, Rod. The lesson: kick harder!

Otto Man said...

1) Nancy Grace is a soulless shreiking harpy. Really surprised she's not on Fox yet. Maybe she'll follow Bill Hummer, I mean, Hemmer over there.

5) If Rummy's going to continue to insist that the soldiers over in Iraq have all the tools they need, then he should stop getting the very best armored vehicles when he visits. What he rides around in is about 10 times safer than the usual ride. I say, surprise visit? Surprise ride!

6) Yeah, the withdrawal will be framed as a total triumph. Bush could crap his pants on live TV, and Fox would applaud the determination he showed in his face as he did it.

Otto Man said...

(2) I miss the good ol' days when televangelists like Oral Roberts begged for money, saying if they didn't get it, a 900-ft. Jesus was coming to take them home. And of course, they got it.

The leader is great, the leader is good.