Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Texas Hold'em in DC

Here at LL&PoN, we don't believe gambling is for everyone.

Some people don't enjoy it. Those people are sad people.

Now, here's some fun - gambling and politics!!!

Odds as of 12:01 AM 7/13/05 for the Supreme Court
  • Alberto Gonzales 5-8
  • Edith Brown Clement 4-1
  • Edith Jones 10-1
  • Emilio Garza 8-1
  • J Michael Luttig 12-1
  • James Harvie Wilkinson III 18-1
  • Janice Rogers Brown 8-1
  • John G Roberts Jr 18-1
  • Michael McConnell 9-1
  • Samuel Alito 15-1
I don't believe Harry Reid's "Dream Team" made the list.

Go Alberto Go!!!


Studiodave said...
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Studiodave said...

Note: The following are odds on who will be George W Bush's first nomination to the supreme court, and not necessarily who will be confirmed in that position.

Otto Man said...

I still have a feeling about Luttig, but I think it's increasingly likely we're going to see one of the Ediths get the nod.

Of course, if Rehnquist announces his retirement soon, the math changes considerably. Then I think you'd see Gonzales and Luttig. Dubya could probably slip Gonzales in there if there's a solid conservative sewn to his hip.

Thrillhous said...

Edith? We're going to have a supremo named Edith?

Maybe our supremos should do like the Pope and change their names once they get their lifetime appointments. I guess then we'd end up with some jokester who instisted on calling himself Ron Mexico. Danged activist comedian judges!

Studiodave said...

Now, the real trick will be to keep an eye on the early press reports and see if you can lock down a bet.

I would avoid the NY Post as the source.

Dick Gephardt (D-MO-Ret.)