Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who You Calling a Petard?

In a nice touch of irony -- real irony, not the Alannis Morrisette rain-on-your-wedding-day "irony" -- it looks like Karl Rove might wind up getting buried by the Republican spin machine he helped create. No, they're not rolling out Swift Boat Veterans for Douchebaggery or anything like that. But the political storyline that the GOP has spun these past five years is now likely to work against them.

As Digby says:

[Republicans] are making a mistake by pounding the fact that the entire leadership of the Democratic party including Kerry and Clinton are calling for Rove to resign. Mehlman even seemed a little gobsmacked by it. The problem is that almost everybody in the country believes that Democrats are the last people on the planet to go out on a limb. Without realizing it, Mehlman is being hoist by his own petard. Somebody just turned to me and said, "Jesus, if they're saying it, he must be toast."

Calling Democrats wimps for 20 years has its effects. It means that when they actually do say something people automatically assume that they aren't acting out of political courage. They assume that there is no risk involved.

Mehlman also said that everyone knows that Karl Rove has the highest ethical standards. Hahahahahaha. To quote the Clenis --- that dog won't hunt. Once again, they are hoist by their own petard. You can't go around telling everyone who'll listen that Karl Rove is a cross between Sun Tzu and Machiavelli for years on end and then suddenly portray him as a simple, straight shooting public servant. Only the most ardent neanderthals are going to buy this. Certainly not one member of the press will.

As Digby's post continues, Bush's ratings for being "honest and trustworthy" have now sunk to a new low of 41%. The effort to backpedal from the party line is only going to make matters worse.


Thrillhous said...

I'm with Digby for most of what he said, except for the part about how no one in the press will run with the "Rove is just a great guy" story. I think we'll see plenty of that, and not just from Fox "news."

alex supertramp said...

I agree with thrillh -- plenty of people will run with this (hello short attention span theater that we call life...) -- after all those "ardent neanderthals" are the bulk of the american population -- I mean christ, monkey boy the president still maintains a 41% "honest and trustworthy" rating -- AFTER lying us into war!!! -- honey, how many times I gots ta tell ya NOT to slam the damn screen door, it shakes the cinderblocks we gots the trailer hitched up on! - DAMN your stupit, now get me a beer afore Pres Bush comes on and tells us how good my pension plan is doin, and oh yeah I think a few more of those army types is dead over in terror land, I sure hate me some arabs....

InanimateCarbonRod said...

This administration is looking more like Reagan. Bush's second term will be mired in scandal due to their disdain for the Constitution that they've all sworn to uphold. Bush will leave office with record low approval ratings, and then five years later all people everywhere will regard him as a Saint who singlehandedly defeated Islamic terrorism, economic malaise, and China.

Otto Man said...

The key difference between Bush's second term and Reagan's is that the Democrats don't have a majority in either house of Congress. Without that, no subpoena power, and without that, no ability to investigate.

If they can win back either house in '06 -- and the general rumblings about Congress now make that a possibility -- then we'll see some shaking up.