Thursday, July 28, 2005

Skyline Chills

It looks like Paul Hackett has a chance in the Ohio special election this Tuesday. He's within 5 points, in a district that normally has just a 30% Democratic vote. And the Schmidt campaign is going crazy. How crazy? For starters, her campaign manager might be a dominatrix an S&M enthusiast, and might or might not have just resigned.

If you want to help unfuck the donkey, as I-Rod notes below, this is a good place to start. Hackett is a tough, no-nonsense Democrat and he'd be a great addition to Congress.

So click here to donate to the cause. Or, if you happen to live in the area -- Yossarian, I'm looking at you -- think about clicking here and volunteering. Rocketman John Glenn is asking you to serve. How can you say no?

4 comments: said...

Whatever her campaign manager is, he is not a dominatrix. That particular suffix denotes a lady, like executrix and navigatrix.

Otto Man said...

Damn, you caught me. The article referred to him as a dominatrix, and even though I knew that was wrong, I couldn't remember the male version. What is it, just 'dominator'? (Akin to 'aviator' and 'aviatrix'?)

Oh, a word of advice. Never Google the phrase "male dominatrix." Never.

Yossarian said...

This Saturday there will be a rally before a massive lit drop. Senator John Glenn will be there. Senator Max Cleland will be there. Congressman Ted Strickland will be there. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman will be there. State Representative Tyrone Yates will be there. Future Congressman PAUL HACKETT will be there. AND you can bet the farm that Yossarian will be there.

If anybody wants to come to Cincinnati this weekend, there is lots of work to be done.

Otto Man said...

Nice, Yos. Sounds like a good time.