Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another Reason Why Atlanta Braves Fans Suck

Okay, I've just about reached my limit on staring at that giant hurripenis, so let me toss out a little sports invective to bump it down the page. Mrs. Thrillhous alerted me to this important article which demonstrates, for the one billionth time, that the Atlanta Braves have the worst fans ever.

Even as the Atlanta Braves close in on their 14th consecutive division title, their fans have already cinched up the top spot in another competition — worst public restroom hygiene in the nation.

The results of an annual survey released by the American Society of Microbiology on Wednesday reported that the hygiene at Atlanta's Turner Field was the worst of any venue in the 6,300 public restrooms monitored last month.

Maybe the city's motto should be changed to "The City Too Busy to Wash Up".


Otto Man said...

I've been in those bathrooms, and amen to that.

I guess that's what you get when a large portion of the fan base are white rednecks who only come into the big city to see them some of that baseball they show on the teevee. They're not used to that indoor-style toilet.

Mr Furious said...

not used to that indoor-style toilet. LOL!

So, not only are they not washing, but then they go back to their seats and fling their germs all over the damn place doing the tomahawk chop!?

Studiodave said...

Sounds like something a Washington Nationals (aka loser) would say.

EC said...

A true redneck would not take offense at being named. However, as a member of the non-redneck fan base, I would like to mention some of the reason's why I enjoy watching the Braves. I love the way they develop and bring up young players every year, not to mention the players (like the John Burketts) who turn their careers around after no one else would give them a chance. The Braves take chances like this every year even though they know they will be in a pennant race. I like their stars and how they are talented, hard-working, yet humble. I appreciate how they don't trade for high profile players of their national league or potential American league WS competitors. For the best coaches in the leagues, and the best radio and television broadcasters. No one that I have found gives insights about the game like Hall-of-Famer Don Sutton and former Royal Joe Simpson. I also like that whenever I go to a Braves game in SF or Oakland, there are always many Atl fans who I have found to be very loyal and knowledgable. I still remember being worst to first in '91, and it's been a great ride. Hope it continues.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Braves fans are the fairest weatherest fans anywhere. Watch them drift away next year. The division title isn't a sure thing anymore now dat da Nats are in da house!

People had better wash their hands at Falcons games. You can get herpes from a toilet seat.

Otto Man said...

All I know is, until they bring back my man Terry Pendelton, the Braves will always be a shell of their former selves.

Otto Man said...

People had better wash their hands at Falcons games. You can get herpes from a toilet seat

And from several of the players, too.

Got to love a team where a player can get busted for soliciting a prostitute before the Super Bowl.

InanimateCarbonRod said...

Don't mess with Ron Mexico.