Thursday, September 01, 2005


Good God Atrios is on fire.

Choking on my own rage here.

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alex supertramp said...

so okay I'm a heartless fuck, but you know what, it was a damn hurricane - you don't have enough money, your too infirm, welcome to fucking darwin's survival of the fittest -- America is becoming a bastion of weak pathetic fucks who need to own up to overpopulation and abuse of natural resources .. wahh wahhh the federal government isn't coming to my aide.... you have two feet and your city is BELOW sea level -- should the federal and local gov't addressed it, hell yeah, but that doesn't excuse people from their own actions and decisions ... widespread looting and lawlessness have effectively curtailed many rescue efforts...mother nature is a bitch, huh, shouldn't fuck with her cause she don't play around....