Friday, September 09, 2005

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The NFL season is finally here! Our long national nightmare of baseball and golf is over, and we finally get to watch some real sports. I am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I know, you hate me. It's okay, really.

As such, I have three things to say. First of all, thank you to the blog powers that be for changing our screen colors to blue on silver, the colors of the Dallas Cowboys.

Second, I'd like to take note of the fact that Drew Bledsoe, quarterback of America's Team-- oops, sorry, I know you hate it when we say that -- has pledged to donate $2,500 to the Salvation Army everytime he throws a touchdown pass. So when Keyshawn hogs the ball this year, please remember that he's hogging it for the kids.

Third, not only do the Cowboys keep it real, they keep it real in style. How do I know that? Because a survey of 1,149 people told me they have the best . . . uniforms . . . ever!

Update: Like a genius Cowboy fan, I forgot to put in them links.


Otto Man said...

As the one on duty today as the Powers That Be, I can assure Cowboys Haters everywhere that the color change was not the result of any bribe from Jerry Jones but rather because I just couldn't stand that orange anymore. It was just startin' to mock me.

Anyway, I'm a Chiefs fan. Sadly, the red-and-gold combination doesn't really work for a blog.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

It's really college football that matters. I need a steady dose of blocked punts, safeties, ranking controversies, rushing QBs, and other things rare in the staid NFL.

Oh yeah, the NFL has one scrambling thrower. Tune in Monday.

We're off to a good start:
VA Tech 45, Dookie 0

Otto Man said...

By the way, the screaming noise you all heard at 3:45 pm EST yesterday? That was me, willing Carnell Williams to finish that 75-yd TD run and thereby carry my team to fantasy victory.

I'm sorry if I startled you.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

For the time being, I resign myself to being a Falcons follower. Not a fan, but a follower.

They got FIVE Hokies!

That's a dream team that's no fantasy.