Monday, September 19, 2005


Dependable Renegade.


Mr Furious said...

Ahoy! What th' hell, guys? Dasn't ye know today be "Talk Like a Pirate Day?" Get ye bilge water together ye damn sons of a biscuit eater! Life's more fun when ye talk like a seafarin' hearty.

Jus' write yer comments like ye always would, an' before postin', go here fer an excellent shipmate translation. Live a wee!

Otto Man said...

Thanks fer th' tip, Mr. Furious. I had nay idee we be supposed t' talk like a sea-farin` buccanneer today. 't caught me off guard, I be sad t' say.

Yossarian said...

Q:Where does a Pirate like to go to eat?


(I only get to use that joke once a year)