Friday, September 23, 2005

Et Tu Novak?

Here's a test. Line up the thing conservatives hate with reality.

1) Change _______________(A) Wildly fluctuating gas prices & supply
2) Fast change, ___________(B) Massive Budget Defect
3) Fast change with business, _(C) Iraq
4) Fast change to business ___(D) Raising interest rates
__ & losing money


Good news, there are no wrong answers to this test. Apparently, even the GOP establishment is finally admitting this as well.

Enjoy Mr. Novak's observations....


Otto Man said...

You seem to have misspelled the columnist's name. I believe it's correctly spelled "Douchebag of Liberty."

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Sorry, didn't read Hanoi Novak's observations. He needs to go away forever.

I'm glad the GOP is finally cutting some pork in the budget. Lots of local-interest projects should be localy funded.