Friday, September 30, 2005

The Man in Black Sequins

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Just as the life of Johnny Cash is about to hit the big screen courtesy of the Hollywood biopic Walk the Line, starring Joaquin Phoenix, comes the announcement that Ring of Fire, a Broadway musical based on the country legend's classic songs, will premiere at New York's Ethel Barrymore Theatre next February.


Otto Man said...

No, the worst idea was when they tried to use "Ring of Fire" for a hemorrhoid cream.

Otto Man said...

An *ad* for hemorrhoid cream.

Shouldn't try blogging after a night at the bars, apparently.

ORF said...

I'd say that Johnny is spinning in his grave, but that he apparently endorsed the idea several years ago. E-GADS!

Then again, "Spamalot" is a pretty good time...

I cannot believe I just confessed that.

Otto, what did you think of the show in S.I.?

Otto Man said...

We got there a little late, in the middle of British Sea Power. We missed Tegan and Sara, sadly. But I thought Interpol and the Killers were both fantastic.

The New York Dolls, however, were literally painful. Too loud, too untalented, too full of themselves. I've never understood why people consider them rivals of the Ramones and, having suffered through them live, I'm even more bewildered.

Face it -- when your lead singer had much bigger success as Buster Poindexter, you're not really a good punk band.

Otto Man said...

You know, the more I think about this, the more I think they should get Neil Diamond to play Johnny. He's got the musical chops and, Lord knows, he's got the black sequined shirts.

ORF said...

HA! I actually went to the Neil Diamond concert a few weeks back with my dad. He's given up the sequined shirts, but you're right he'd do a damned fine job as Johnny. They both are familiar with the mutton chop look too...

I got there super early yesterady b/c my friend works with a couple guys who are hoping to sign Ordinary Boys to for an American distro deal. They were super good. The Clash is clearly part of their ancestry. We got to hang out w/ them for a bit and then I saw the back half of Tegan and Sara which was decent. I only know a couple of their tunes. Then we went back and hung out w/ the NYDolls b/c the same guys that my friends work with are helping produce their next album. This was a riot. As soon as I met them I knew the show was going to be kind of pathetic. And it was. I am sure they were something to see in their day, but jesus I wanted to cry for them. And holy CRAP is David Johannsen the skinniest mother f*cker alive.

British Sea Power opened for the Killers on Friday night and I thought they sucked both times.

Interpol was much better here than when I saw them in February at Radio City. They don't do well in large venues.

Then, I left and did not stay to see the Killers. I was having dinner w/ my dad, so I had to catch the ferry. The show in Jones Beach was a good time but it would have been fun to be on the floor like that last night. They did a Bowie cover on Friday night that was pretty sweet and the drummer wore all white and was really fucking sexy. To say nothing of the eyeliner that Brandon Flowers pulls off phenomenally...oh, they play good tunes too ;)

On the whole, I think the whole festival needs some work. It's a good idea in theory but the timing was off b/c everyone's been spending $$ all summer on concerts and the two venues totally competed with one another. It would be cool if the stages were set up next to each other or something maybe. Also, that stadium had the crappiest sound b/c everything bounced off the back wall. eesh.

Otto Man said...

It sounds like the Killers put on the same show, Bowie cover and all. (Man, Bowie is the new godfather for the new wave revival.)

I actually liked the sound, though we were up in the right field bleachers for most of the show, so the acoustics might have been different. But yes, they need to split those shows up and move them a little earlier in the season.