Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Random Ten

Hey, you know the the old saying: It's Laverne Tripp's world and we're just livin' in it. This is an impressive album cover, especially when you consider the lengths they had to go to in order to create this stunning image. Where on earth could they find an overhead projector? Would the local junior high let them in? How would they explain the fact that "Laverne" looks like a middle-aged man? Well, the power of Laverne Tripp opens plenty of doors, my friend. Plenty.

Alright, time for the Friday Random Ten. Take out your iPod, your iPod Mini, your iPod Nano, your iPod Fetus, or whatever you have; set it to random; and give us the first ten songs that are brave enough to show their faces. And in case you feel compelled by the power of Christ, go ahead and give unto us a Coolness Self-Audit.

Here's mine for this week:

1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, "Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood" -- With a title like that, you'd think the song wouldn't sound like a combination of the peppiest moments of Stephen Merritt's music and David Byrne's vocals, but there it is. This song is infectious as hell. 9/10

2. Louis Jordan, "What's the Use of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again)" -- I first heard this song back in high school, as the Joe Jackson cover (I know, I know) and then only heard the original master version a couple years later. Nice to see that some bits of wisdom have been handed down from generation to generation unscathed. Much like the central narrative in the Road Warrior movies. 7/10

3. Stevie Wonder, "For Once in My Life" -- I'm a pretty big fan of Stevie Wonder's pre-neutering years, but this song is made all the cooler by the fact that it played a role in the Redemption of Ari Gold on HBO's "Entourage." Hug it out, bitch! 8/10

4. Boards of Canada, "Roygbiv" -- Not only does this song have a nice, funky groove, but its title serves as a mnemonic for the colors of the rainbow. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr. Lucky Charms. 6/10

5. The Rolling Stones, "Stray Cat Blues" -- There's a very thin slice of the Rolling Stones' eighty-seven-year history that I really like, and the Beggars Banquet LP is smack in the middle of that. This is a good, grungy blues-rock. Not as well known as "Sympathy for the Devil" -- the greatest Stones song ever -- but strong enough to hang with it on the same album. 7/10

6. Johnny Cash, "The Man in Black" -- "I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down, Livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town, I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime, But is there because he's a victim of the times." Johnny Cash, proof that the phrase "bad-ass liberal" didn't always seem to be an oxymoron. 6/10

7. Jurassic 5, "Twelve" -- I was in Austin for a wedding this spring the same night J5 was playing at Stubb's, and managed to miss seeing the one and only Charlie Tuna in the hotel lobby by about three minutes. I will regret that 'til the day I die. 8/10

8. Mos Def, "Dollar Day for New Orleans ... Katrina Klap" -- While I think this isn't quite as good as the Legendary K.O. song, you have to be struck by the fact that the music industry was able to respond to the disaster faster than the government. 6/10

9. Bloc Party, "Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)" -- My favorite Bloc Party tune skewed just a little bit. I think I prefer the original, but this is a nice variation on the theme. By the way, if you're a Bloc Party fan -- and if you're not, you're a Communist -- you should check out this little treat from NPR: a full hour of Bloc Party live in concert and free to download. 8/10

10. Mountain, "Mississippi Queen" -- What can I say? I've got a soft spot for '70s power rock. Especially the one-hit wonders that sound like they should've been in Dazed and Confused. I mean, I keep gettin' older and these songs stay the same age. 5/10

Alright, that gives me a 7.2, and yet another C-minus on the Cool-o-Meter. With grades like that, maybe I too can one day become leader of the free world.

Do you think you're better than me? Because I will fight you. No, no, wait, that's the liquor talking.

What I meant to say is -- kindly drop your own FRT in the comments, with or without the Coolness Self-Audit.



Thrillhous said...

I may not be cool, but I do have a drinking problem! I'll see your "punk" and raise you a "pansy"!

1) Sound Chaser - Yes. A 9-minute Steve Howe show this one is, and it's a great show! 9/10.

2) Soul Survivor - Asia. A great and underplayed song from this supergroup's first album. Guess what - the guitarist is none other than Steve Howe. What a day! 9/10

3) Living in the Past - Jethro Tull. Insert Bush admin. joke here. 4/10.

4) H. - Tool. I don't know what the H is all about, but apparently H doesn't like good music. 4/10.

5) 4th of July - Soundgarden. One of my favorite SG tunes. Reminds me of getting loaded in a dank basement apartment in Atlanta. 10/10.

6) People Just Love to Play with Words - Men at Work. Insert your other Bush admin. joke here. 7/10.

7) Immigrant Song - Zeppelin. Great tune, just super duper great. You're really regretting that "punk" comment, aren't you, Otto? 10/10

8) Bron-y-Aur Stomp - Zepp. How can a song about a blue-eyed maerl not rock? 10/10

9) Regular People (Conceit) - Pantera. Metal meets populism. Plus lots of f-bombs. 8/10.

10) Dee (Instrumental) - Ozzy Osbourne. This is an acoustical bit that opens the Ozzy classic Suicide Solution. Written and performed by the late great Randy Rhodes. 7/10.

The gods of random rock have been kind to us this week, my friends. I don't even think my coolness can adequately be accounted for by a simple number. Everything's coming up Thrilly!

Ra_wiggum said...

1) Beautiful Stranger - Madonna. What a sexy back. 7/10

2) Thunder Struck - AC/DC. Here is some useless trivia: My hometown of Winnipeg used to have a pro basketball team in a Canadian league called the NBL. They were called the Thunder and they used to play this song when they came out. As far as I remember, there weren't any weird rules like 3 downs in football, etc. 7/10

3) Visionz - Wu-Tang Clan - I know more about these guys from Dave Chapelle than from their actual music, but what I hear, I likes. 7/10

4) Center of the Storm - Roni Size 6/10

5) Hands Away - Interpol 6/10

6) A Private Interlude - Groove Armada. They always freak me out because I saw them perform at the top of the world trade center a few months before 9/11 6/10

7) Garden - Pearl Jam 6/10

8) Breath of Life - Erasure. Think of the gayest band ever. No, gayer! They are great though. 9/10

9) One Love - Bob Marley. A classic 10/10

10) Part Time Lover - Stevie Wonder. I don't even know how this got on my ipod. 7/10

alex supertramp said...

I was hoping to be full of levity and uncompromising wit today, but apparently I've dropped the functional from my functional alcoholic approach to life....

1)Winterlight - Roman Candle -- the name of the album is "Says Pop" and can these two NC brothers ever...that they are not all over the radio is not only confusing but a damn shame - a nice mixture of electronic flourishes over slightly melancholic acoustic balladry with great voices and good songwriting. Extra cool points for being relatively unknown but still damn catchy. 8/10

2-Outstanding - the Gap Band -- now we are talking Friday, slightly cheesy overproduced funk for the masses on a slower, more soulful track, "you blow my mind/I'm so alive...Outstanding/makes me want to shout". dig that baby...8/10

3-Been around the world - R. Kelly f Ja Rule - what? a little slow jam rap from R with JaRule's gruff unhunhs about friends family, the important things and most importantly lovely ladies around the world who haven't quite hit puberty....5-/10

4-Boring Enormous - Paul Westerberg - Westerberg is a genius, and while a special place will always reside in my heart for the 'Mats but damn Paul can make a quirky folky ballad like nobody's business … and can still rock it when required!8/10

5-Check E's in Love - Ricki Lee Jones – norah be dammed, ricki was combining jazz. Blues., soul, folk and a touch of rock way back in the day … and this still brings back vivid memories of amy and first loves, first touches and good good times…

6-I've aged twenty years in five - George Jones -- well good old George brings me right back to my non-functional alcoholic ruminations .. but he did it with sooo much more class and panache.9/10

7-sounds better in the song - drive by truckers -- "i'm jsut a guy who can't give her anyting" , tell me about it patterson...9/10

8-A farewell to Arms - Rush, those crazy canadians - don’t' they know we can't exist without weaponry capable of mass destruction? 7/10

9-Welcome to the party - Har-You Percussion Group - an afrofunk infused dance party - man, it is friday after all and as they say, welcome to....8/10

10-Saving grace - drivin n cryin --- sweet jesus, the weekend has arrived and Kevn Kinney and company are here to make sure we do it right, I need another drink - fast...8/10

alex supertramp said...

whoa there thrillh - we can insert bush admin jokes on living in the past, and on men at work ... BUT NOT on Tool??????

and I may be going out on a limb, but I'm guessing ALL of your er uh "music", reminds you of some facsimile of that dank apt and getting loaded?.....

Otto Man said...

Thrillhous, give one Zep song a perfect 10, shame on you. Give two Zep songs a perfect 10, shame on me.

Malibu Stacy said...

After a long sabbatical, I'm finally back on the FRT! I am neither punk nor pansy, but glad to be back all the same...

1. What's the frequency Kenneth? - REM
You can never really go wrong with REM... 7/10

2. Electrorloge - Troublemakers
A random song from the Hotel Costes compilation. Feel like I should be in the NY all black uniform to listen to this.. 4/10

3. Duck Down! - Roots
A damn good song by a damn good group. 9/10

4. Track 06 - Aaliyah
Found this off of a random mix cd a friend gave me ages ago... no idea what the song is called and it's not my favorite 3/10

5. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
Ah....brings me back to my high school days. I had a little Trent Reznor phase at one point. There, I said it.7/10

6. Love for Sale - Ella Fitzgerald
You can't ask for a more random friday ten then ella following trent reznor, now can you? 8/10

7. Greasy Jungle - The Tragically Hip
A nice Canadian showing from Gord and the boys...8/10

8. Girls & Boys - Blur
A nice little ditty about girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they're girls who do girls like they're boys. 8/10

9. This Will Be our Year - Ok Go
A cute little ditty 6/10

10. We Will Become Silhouettes - The Postal Service
I thought I'd make it through one FRT without the Postal Service but that would just be crazy. 6/10

Have a good weekend, kids.

ORF said...

I didn't do this yet today and to be honest, I'm not sure I fully understand the ratings system. But that's not why I'm here.

I'm here to say Otto, I nearly shed a tear when you blessed us with the link in #9. You=God. I swear to never punch you in the kidney.

Otto Man said...

Glad to be of service, OhReally. That's as close as I've come to seeing Bloc Party live, so you've got an edge on me there.

I did, however, see Arcade Fire last night in Central Park. They brought out David Bowie for the encore. Sang one of his tunes and then sang "Wake Up" together. Amazing.

Anyway, thanks for the no-kidney-punch promise. I'll take those wherever I can find them.

Otto Man said...

Oh, as far as the ratings system goes, here's how it's done.

Scale of 0-to-10, with 0 being the absolute uncoolest thing you'd ever hear (Rudee Vallee) and 10 being something so mind-blowingly cool you wish you could walk into a bar to it, in slow motion. The middle part gets complicated, but I'd say a classic rock song everyone knows would be a 4-5, an alternative hit your friends all know a 6-8, something that would impress a college DJ or record store geek a 9.

Oh, ignore Thrillhous's ratings. He's suffering Delusions of Hair Metal and we're all politely looking the other way. (Seriously, giving Asia's "Soul Survivor" a 9/10 should lead to the state having you institutionalized.)

Mr Furious said...

This could easily have been expanded into a Random 15, the iPod was on a roll... [cross-posted at my place.

1. " One More Time" Joe Jackson — Before college, Joe Jackson was just the "Steppin' Out" guy to me. My old roommate Neal exposed me to whole new worlds of non-AOR* music that I'd missed out on. Joe Jackson was one of the first, and best, of these artists of enlightenment. Look Sharp! is a staple. 9.0

2. "Walks Like a Lady" Journey — In the words of the immortal Bob Guinea, "Anyone who says they don't like Journey is a damn liar!" I'll second that. This is from Captured. The live version of the average "studio" ballad is bookended with a nice blues jam at the front and a screaming guitar solo at the end that does what Eddie Van Halen attempted with "Eruption." 9.0

3. "Sister Morphine" Rolling Stones — One of the best Stones songs ever. Tremendous. 10.0

4. "Every Day I Write the Book" Elvis Costello — A guy I have no problem with, but never really rallied behind. In fact, I was given tickets to his show here in Ann Arbor this year, and I passed 'em along to a friend I knew was a much more devoted fan. True aficiĆ³nados might dismiss this as too mainstream, but I love it. Especially on headphones. 10.0

5. "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" Chicago — Solid K-Tel Seventies. 8.0

6. "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" Cake — My favorite Cake song. When I listen to these guys, I wish I stuck with the trumpet...what band is more cool or sounds like they have more fun than Cake? 10.0

7. "Lonely as You" Foo Fighters — Good song from the best rock band out there. 8.0

8. "Driving South" The Stone Roses — What happened to the cocky English bands like the Roses and Oasis? Audaciously naming the album Second Coming? If Eric Clapton learned to play guitar in the 80s he would have been in this band. 8.0

9. "New World Man" Rush — Probably the fourth best song on the album and still a 9.0.

10. "Fatman in the Bathtub [live]" Little Feat — Opening track on the best live album of all time. (John Cole agrees w/me) As good as it gets. 10.0

An astonishing 9.1 average. I'm not sure I could pick a better run of music.

*Album-Oriented Rock. Is that even a radio format any more?

Mr Furious said...

thrillhous, I gotta buy Asia on CD. Can't get the vinyl into the iPod...

Otto, thanks for the breakdown on the factor-scoring.

ORF said...

Thanks for demystifying the coding system. I saw Arcade Fire live last winter and it was totally incredible. They brought David BYRNE out for the encore. They played an AF track and then "This Must Be the Place" by Byrne. It was the shit. I had planned to sit outside the bandshell to listen last night but got sick instead. Blech.
Now, where is my iFetus!?!

ORF said...

Oh, and I highly recommend catching BP in concert next time they make their way 'round here. Just steer clear of the underage crowd gathered up front. I think I won't do that again...eesh

Otto Man said...

I thought AF would have a great encore guest since it was CMJ time, but that blew me away. Byrne would've been amazing too.

I only watch concerts from the back or side these days. I can't handle up front anymore because I did it too many times as a college kid, and anyway, I'm tall enough to enjoy the show from the sidelines.

Glad the ratings guide was a help. But remember, it's a Self-Audit, so go with your badself.

Except for you, Thrill. We need to have a chat. said...

You know since these song lists all come from our own subset of songs, they're not really random, I think it should be renamed Friday Almost Random Ten. Then we could call it FART. It took me 5 hours, three spreadsheets, a slide rule and a rhyming dictionary to come up with that.

I continue to avoid the rating system because I fear it might bite back during my confirmation hearing.

1) "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" by Jerry Lee Lewis. High energy.

2) "The Flyest" Nas. Not to be confused with Jimmy Snuka, the Superflyest. Nas is one of the few rappers that I enjoy without regard to what kind of beats he employs.

3) "Provider" by N*E*R*D. I really enjoyed NERD's first album and like the Neptunes. I can't believe I used to have to tell people who they were (mostly my mom and my CCD teacher). Their trademark sound is now at risk of getting played out (or already has).

4) "Far Away" by Sleater-Kinney. I thought this would make edgy chicks like me. Oh well, should I tell them I like PJ Harvey?

5) "Uhh" by the Lemonheads. Liking the Lemonheads is akin to carbon-dating for college years -- it pretty definitively puts you there at a specific time.

6) "El Amor De Mi Vida" by Warren Zevon. I am not an unfeeling robot, so I can't tell you if my appreciation for this album (the Wind) is divorced from the fact that he made it while he was dying, all I can tell you is that it's damn good.

7) "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by They Might Be Giants. Anything that can get me singing along out loud as I schlep to work has some value.

8) "Hanging Blue Side" by Son Volt. Ah, the Oates to Jeff Tweedy's Hall. But maybe more true to the Uncle Tupelo sound.

9) "Saint Behind the Glass" by Los Lobos. Enjoyable song and something amazingly comforting about its use of repetition.

10) "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minnesota" by John Waits. Ah my passcard to hipsterdom is voided by the fact that this song is off his greatest hits. Ouch. Still, good song, great title. said...

Ach, "Tom" not "John." I just cut off my ring finger to atone.

Otto Man said...

Son Volt. Ah, the Oates to Jeff Tweedy's Hall. But maybe more true to the Uncle Tupelo sound.

True on both counts. When SV and Wilco put out their first post-Tupelo albums, I confidently proclaimed that SV would carry on the torch and Wilco would crash and burn. Not my best moment as an alt-country sage.

"I am so smart! S-M-R-T!"

alex supertramp said...

buffalo - I'm glad you took the finger for the waits typo, but what the fuck - number one comparing uncle tupelo to hall and oates AND then making Farrar oates --- dude, seriously, what the fuck?....

alex supertramp said...

fuck me -- otto - you to? ... granted Tweedy is off in I'm cooler than pop land and son volt is far from consistent, but Farrar's solo work??? has anyone actually listened to Terrior Blues? ... and Uncle Tupelo set the standard of a musical genre (not I am not saying they started said genre or were the best, but they mainlined it for a heck of a lot of folks who know live by the shit)

alex supertramp said...

dammit - you ingrates have me so worked up I said pop instead of POOP! .. I called the shit POOP......don't tell me what to do devil bloggers....

Otto Man said...

I still like Farrar's solo stuff, but Son Volt has always seemed like a retread of Uncle Tupelo. Tweedy at least surprises me every now and then. said...

Alex. Settle. Down. Now. My Hall and Oates reference was more on the image. Hall, the tall, blonde, singer, was the more glamourous of the two. Who's the media darling with a movie where he gets to fire a guy named Jay from his band? That's all. I like Jay/Son Volt, I like Uncle Tupelo and I like Wilco (although I I like AM better than Ghost, to show you where I lean). I have to say that I have a difficult time quantifying Uncle Tupelo's contribution to the genre. Gram Parsons and CCR, among others, were the true groundbreakers, I guess. But certainly, the recent explosion of Y'alternative is because of the boys from southern Illinois.

ORF said...

Ok, I'm back. Here's my ten. I figured I had to at least take a shot at this:
1: Haunt You Every Day-Weezer 5/10
It's an ok song, but nothing special. Also, a Weezer concert was the reason my exboyf and I had our first major "I refuse to answer the phone no matter how many GD times you call me in a row" fight, so I always listen to them with a little bit of bitter amusement.

2: Milkshake-Kelis 9/10
I would REALLY like to walk into a bar to this song. In slo-mo. I also like to think I have a tasty milkshake. Or something. She gets one point off for being moderately irritating though

3: Brother John-Big Head Todd and the Monsters 7/10
Not the best track on the album, but it reminds me fondly of a friend from high school

4: Have a Day/Celebratory-The Polyphonic Spree 5/10
Also an ex-boyf connection. I have seen them in concert. It is a trip on more levels than one.

5: Long Island Degrees-De La Soul 7/10
Just for being De La.

6: You're My Home-Billy Joel 8/10
Do not laugh at me. This song is for my mother.

7: Virtual Insanity-Jamiroquai 8/10
Probably desperately overplayed, but still one of the best first tracks on an album. Too bad the rest of it isn't as good.

8: Pin-Yeah Yeah Yeahs 7/10
Karen O is growing on me, and this song is better than most on the album but doesn't hold a candle to Maps.

9: To All the Girls-Beastie Boys 10/10
Because I would DEFINITELY like to walk into a bar to this in slo-mo.

10: New Star in the Sky-Air 4/10
This was a big let down.

Average score: C- Meh...
Ok, that was fun, although my second random ten for today, would have been better, mostly because it included Buju Banton and who doesn't love some Buju on a Friday afternoon???

Otto Man said...

To All the Girls-Beastie Boys 10/10
Because I would DEFINITELY like to walk into a bar to this in slo-mo.

That song's tailor-made for the slo-mo entry. I think you'd have to point to someone at the bar and wink, though.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

My rating system: 0-5 = don’t listen to all of it. 6-7 = like, but usually skip. 8 = good. 9 = very good. 10 = one of the best songs ever!

1) Hang On, James – Needs more trumpet and cowbell. 7/10
2) I’ll Find My Way, Geggy Tah – Ick! Why do I have this? 3/10
3) Gospel Oak, James – Not good enough for Laid. 7/10
4) No Surprises, Radiohead – I wish I understood what Mr. Thom said. 8/10

5) I Will Follow, U2 – 6/10
6) By The Book, Michael Penn – I think he needs to be in a band. Just another almost good song. 5/10
7) Strange Days, The Doors – 7/10

8) Looking At The Sun, Matthew Sweet – Ah, how sweet. 7/10
9) If You Needed Somebody, Bad Company – From a CD of metal ballads, and Thrillhous doesn’t like these songs! 6/10
10) Never Let Me Down Again, Depeche Mode – What?? I pared the list! Boo on the compilation CD I forgot about. 6/10

T'hous needs the Connells' version of Living in the Past. Much better.

Otto Man said...

Nice ratings system, Mrs. T.

And Geggy Tah? Thanks for the millennium flashback.

Steusch said...

Here's what I got from my iFaxBeepPod, which is a highly advanced prototype fax machine/pager/iPod with little candies inside. It's sort of like a candy cigar or cell phone, except for it does more stuff and costs ten thousand tickets at Dave and Buster's.

1. "Pardon My Freedom," !!! - Some sweet beats, for sure, and a great live band, but I never understood the gratuitous cursing on this record. I'd love to walk into a bar to this song playing, but i feel compelled to give it a 7/10

2. "Stay Dizzy," Japancakes - How do you rate a band whose primary purpose is to help indie kids everywhere (OK, mainly Athens) fall asleep? 5/10, I guess.

3. "Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 1)," Outkast - Andre's verse is so lyrical and beautiful, I can barely even talk about it sometimes. Decent narrative, too. 9/10

4. "R U Still Into It," Mogwai - A somewhat homo-erotic Scottish noise rock tune. I love this band. 8/10

5. "Jacqueline," Franz Ferdinand - I always felt like there was something missing from FF's perfect-at-first-glance tunes. Then Pitchfork nailed it. Fuck those guys. I should've figured it out myself. 6/10

6. "Don't Cry," Guns N' Roses - Crying is not something I like to hear about, even in cock rock ballads. Sweet backing vox from that dead dude from Blind Melon, though. 6/10

7. "Cinnamon Girl," Neil Young - So cool, that even Radiohead covered it. Does anyone know what's up with the shit-hot guitar riff at the very end of this (incredible) song? If it's the beginning of some other song I need to know, like real bad-like. 10/10

8. "Glosoli," Sigur Ros - First single off the new album! And they haven't gotten worse! I saw this band last week at Atlanta Symphony Hall, and it was one of the best I've ever seen. An absolutely stunning band. Go see them on this tour, even if you don't like or know them. 8/10

9. "Lucky," Radiohead - If you don't know how cool this song is by now then you're probably not all that cool yourself, jerkwad. 10/10

10. "Dead Flag Blues," Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Honestly, there are few songs in the world that reach this level for me. Un-fucking-believable movements of apocalyptic noise and such from a band that was one of the best in the world for a while there (1999-2003). Check 'em out. Be patient with their 30-minute epics. 10/10

Total: 7.8 - A ripping good score!

This is fun.

Thrillhous said...

First of all, most of you are completely nuts. The one exception is Mr. Furious. Any list that has Journey, Rush, and Chicago is good; van Johnson good.

Otto, dare you challenge my Zeppelin ratings? Do you dare the wrath of Time-Life Music's top 1,000 songs of 1971? Expect a visit from Wolfman Jack any day now.

Now, somewhere in the middle of the FRT comments there was a whole bunch of stuff about people whose names I have never heard. Son Volt? Tweedy? Farrar? The only Farrar I know of is Jamie Farrar, who played the classic character "Klinger" on Mash. Wait, that's Jamie Farr. God I loved that guy. Never could get his section 8.

I suggest each of you do some pushups and punch a nerd in the neck. It will be a cleansing experience for you. (No, you can't punch my neck. I am a jock.)

My coolness audit for best FRT comment goes to Buffalo T, for saying that rating his songs could come back to bite him in confirmation hearings. Hah!

Mrs. T, expect to receive a letter from the county this week. It is an injunction to stop you from playing such losery music on my computer. Maybe the Taliban wasn't all wrong . . .

Otto Man said...

Maybe it's really Thrillhous's world and we're all just living in it.

Nah, in Thrillhous's world, Ronnie James Dio would be president.

Otto Man said...

Thanks for the Pitchfork link, Steusch. I knew something was off with those pretty boys.

alex supertramp said...

I'm kinda diggin' the idea of President Ronnie James Dio....also, sorry for the outburst -- y'know, same old story, hair of the dog, boy losses girl, boy finds stripper forgets about girl, stripper steals all of boys belongings, boy misses girl stripper and belongings, drinkd heavily, forgets why he was drinking, and ten years later here I sit tyring to fight through a work hangover by drinking far too heavily in the AM... blahblahblah...regardless.. I can't beleive I let you guys down but I know several of ya are NY'ers or at least hitting the CMJathon ...anybody catch Lucero last night at Crash Mansion? ..haven't seem 'em for a while, but damn they blew me away a year or so ago...nice landing for steusch on the Godspeed... and can someone fill me in on how a devoted fan of James (mrsThrill I'm winking at you) and the demonspawndork of yesteryear (yeah, thrillh, I can only guess at your athletic prowess) can live in the same timezone? ...and one last thing, is it bad to be slightly aroused by ohreally's milkshake?

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

Liking the Lemonheads is akin to carbon-dating for college years

I wasn't really a fan of the band, but I did have the Ray album, as one might expect from a hip high schooler of the day. Ya know, now that I think about it, I don't think it made the Re-Buy List when I finally got a CD player.

Mr Furious is straddling an odd line that divides me and Thrillhous, as T cannot appreciate Elvis Costello and Stone Roses and other "pansy" bands.

Mrs. T, expect to receive a letter from the county this week. It is an injunction to stop you from playing such losery music on my computer.

Dear hubby--The county is run by people who like Johnny Mathis. Their kids bothered them with your music, so good luck trying to ally them!

And, it's our computer. What's yours is also mine!

peb said...

Otto, a combined score of 12 for Stray Cat Blues and Mississippi Queen is unacceptable on the Smith Bros. classic rock rating scale. The minimum score must be at least a 19 (my preferences SCB = 10, MQ = 9). Please adjust your ratings system immediately before we notify the rock authorities.

Otto Man said...

Pedro has spoken. So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

ORF said...

WHOA!! Mrs. T! I was totally hoping a Connells song would pop up on my 'pod so that I could baffle all of you with an obscure band. Mad points to you for being a fan!!! They are one of my favorite bands.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

The Connells were part of an all-day festival I once attended, and some naked guy jumped on stage at some point, shook his little booty, and then jumped to do some crowd-surfing. Well, the seas parted, and he hit pavement.

Anyway, I wish they'd tour more! They're apparently not well appreciated outside of NC and Europe.

Otto Man said...

I saw the Connells in high school.

Kneel before Zod!

ORF said...

Otto, I'll gladly kneel, but only while telling you that you must be kind of old. I cannot remember the last time the Connells played if you saw them in high school...pffft!

Mr Furious said...

Mr Furious is straddling an odd line that divides me and Thrillhous, as T cannot appreciate Elvis Costello and Stone Roses and other "pansy" bands.

Play T'hous some stuff off 'Second Coming', there is some rocking blues guitar on there. Just make sure it's not "10 Storey Love (bad) Song"