Saturday, September 10, 2005

Enter the Situation Room™

DNC Chairman Howard Dean bravely entered The Situation Room™ to do battle with Mechawolfblitzer. Dean nicely stiff-armed Blitzer's attempts to make this all about whether or not George Bush really doesn't care about black people (see below) and pointed out repeatedly that, more importantly, George Bush doesn't seem to care about the bottom 80% of American society, whether they be white, black or brown. Catch the video here.


Mr Furious said...

Absolutely the best I have ever seen Howard Dean. He delivers a devastating message clearly and effectively and, most importantly, looks measured doing it.

Seriously, if he was this smooth two years ago, he'd be President.

I believe this is not only a great attack, but I believe it's true. Like Howard says, the President might be a nice man, but his policies are callous to a fault and leave out (or actively screw) 80 percent of the country. And he silently condones actions in his party (even on his behalf) that ARE racist. I think Bush really does want to advance minorites and everyone in this country—once they start making six-figures. Those are the only people he's ever known and the only people he can relate to. He goes to bed every night with a clear conscience that he is helping all Americans. It's just that it's only the ones like him. Rich.

Otto Man said...

I agree completely, Furious. The best hope for the Democrats -- in the past, present and future -- has been to champion the cause of this 80% of Americans. And when Bush squeals that this is "class warfare," that only means it's accurate and effective.