Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Random Ten

I'm going to give this cover an encore appearance here at the Friday Random Ten. There's just so much wrong with it.

First of all, it doesn't look like a particularly happy birthday for our girl Julie. She's in a dive bar -- not faux-dive, but real dive -- and, not surprisingly, she's none too happy. And, second, if Julie's only just now turning sixteen, then what in God's name is she doing with this middle-aged Daniel Stern lookalike? (The only way this pairing makes sense is if this is a screen shot from Home Alone 4: Sixteen Candles.) And third, if Daniel Stern is breaking up with her, how come he's the one who gets the beer and cigarette? She's getting dumped by a middle-aged loser. Jesus, man. Help soften the blow.

Anyway, the triumphant return of Not Even the Pedophiles Want You can only mean that it's time, my friends, for the Friday Random Ten.

You know the routine by now. Put the iPod on shuffle, give us the first ten songs, and, if you'd like, a coolness self-audit. (Note: If you don't have an iPod or imitationPod, just try throwing all your CDs up in the air. The first ten discs to pierce your skin are the keepers. It's like a musical version of Lawn Darts, and what could be more wholesome and fun than that?)

Here's mine:

1. Nina Simone, "House of the Rising Sun" -- This is a live, rollicking, organ-driven, hand-clapping, ass-shaking version of the Animals classic. And, needless to say, Nina Simone takes their song away from them and makes it her cabana boy. 9/10

2. The Detroit Cobras, "Cry On" -- The Cobras are a nice throwback to the old Motown sound with just enough modern sauciness thrown in to make a difference. They're sort of the R&B analogue of Rev. Horton Heat. I normally like the cut of their jib, but this is a somewhat mediocre effort. 6/10

3. Gnarls Barkley, "Transformer" -- I really like half of this album, but the other half (which includes this tune) is just a little too precociously busy for my tastes. This song sounds like what you'd get if Pee Wee Herman produced an Outkast CD. 4/10

4. William Shatner, "Common People" -- I think I enjoyed the William Shatner Experience back when he wasn't in on the joke with us. To his credit, he's made peace with the world of campy, self-mocking -- see also West, Adam -- but the music just doesn't do it for me when it doesn't seem sincere. Eh. 5/10

5. Rufus and Chaka Khan, "You Got the Love" -- Damn straight. This may be my favorite Rufus tune, slightly edging out the funkier but slower "Tell Me Something Good." Whatever. It's musical gold, Jerry. Gold! 10/10

6. The Roots with Common, "Love of My Life (live)" -- The slow opening of this song is absolutely fantastic, especially the ways in which they slowly creep the organ and drum into the vocals. It's like a goddamn ninja, I tells ya! One of the two times I've liked the live release of a song better than the original album version. (The other, since you're dying to know, is Radiohead's "I Might Be Wrong.") 9/10

7. Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Someday Never Comes" -- Lordy, do I loves me some CCR. 8/10

8. The Beanuts, "Muchachacha" -- I suppose the greatest fame of the Beatnuts is that J.Lo shamelessly stole the beats from their excellent "Watch Out Now" for her crappy "Jenny from the Block." This is an equally funky tune from the same album (theirs, not J.Lo's) and it's got some saucy lyrics. "Taste dick when you're kissin' your girl? / You should, 'cause she swallows more nut than a squirrel." I believe they're up for the Gloria Steinham Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's NOW Convention. 8/10

9. Dead Prez, "Hell Yeah (Pimp the System)" -- I have a soft spot for this song, merely because the third verse was lifted and used brilliantly in a Diplo remix of TV on the Radio's "Staring at the Sun." The original version is pretty sweet, except for the lame-ass chorus. (There's a reason Diplo only stole the verse.) Good, but not great. 7/10

10. Public Enemy, "Burn Hollywood Burn" -- Looks like it's going to be a hiphop trifecta. Y'all had "Black Caesar" back at the crib? We coulda been rollin' with that the whole time! 9/10

Alright, that gives me a 7.5 average. I had it all this week -- the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles -- and yet somehow balanced out with my Coolness Tank at three-quarters full. I'll take it.

Let's see what you've got. Drop your own FRT in the comments below, or else free associate with my own selections and/or ratings. Surely, we've got at least one Shater apologist in the house, right?


Thrillhous said...

I always get queazy when I recognize half or more of the groups OM has in his FRT. Came very close this week.

1) Rocket - Leppard. We just got to fly!! 7/10

2) Roundabout - Yes. Studio version, which don't compare to the various live versions. Still, you can't touch this. 10/10

3) Benny the Bouncer - ELP. One of their little ditties between magnus opuseses. 9/10

4) Right to Nothing - Prong. Haven't listened to these guys in awhile. Might have to get them back in the regular rotation. 9/10

5) I Am the Sea - The Who. You are a bad song. 0/10

6) St. Joe on the School Bus - Marcy Playground. Not exactly happy stuff, but I like it. 8/10

7) Frogs - Alice in Chains. The only annoying part is that frogs are not mentioned once in this tune. 9/10

8) Paint Box - Floyd. Love this one! One of them early singles with the dead guy. 10/10

9) Entertain - Sleater-Kinney. My infatuation is fading, but I still really like this song. I just can't stand the pitiful geetar solos, though. I'm going to see what about editing in some sweet Reb Beach licks. 8/10

10) By-Tor and the Snow Dog - Rush. A Mike special! 10/10

Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock said...

I just can't stand the pitiful geetar solos, though.

Blasphemer! Sacrilege!

"Entertain": Winner of the Best Song of 2005 at this year's Fünkies.

The End

Isaac Carmichael said...

C'mon, T'ho. That's pretty good guitar work...for a girl.

1)Autumn-Vivaldi. My favorite actual season, but not my favorite musical one. (6/10)

2)Walking With a Ghost-White Stripes. Cover of a Teagan and Sara tune, but without the uncomfortable question of whether or not two lesbian sisters make out with each other while you're listening to it. (7/10)

3)Soma-Smashing Pumpkins. It's Smashing Pumpkins, not the Smashing Pumpkins, dammit. Bugs me when people put the the in there. (7/10)

4)The World Has Truned and Left Me Here-Weezer. Blue album magik! (8/10)

5)Miss Understood-7 Year Bitch. Rather tame for a buncha tattooed angry chicks. (5/10)

6)Alcohol-Beck. Off of the Loser import single. Nice, relaxing melody and solid, if unfathomable, lyrics. (9/10)

7)Little Babies-Sleater Kinney. Wow, another recently defunct band. I hate this song as much as I like SK...I really, really like SK. (2/10)

8)We're Going To Be Friends-White Stripes. Ah, this song reminds me of my wife. Please hold your vomit until the end of the post. Thank you. (7/10)

9)Down to This-Soul Coughing. This is the first Soul Coughing song I ever heard, and I'm still in love with it. Mmmm...Ahhh...Ohhh! (9/10)

10)Blame it on the Tetons-Modest Mouse. Nice, mellow way to round out the FRT. (8/10)

6.8. I blame my poor performance on the demmycrats and the immigents.

Mrs_Thrillhous said...

I always get queazy when I recognize half or more of the groups OM has in his FRT.

I'd feel the same if I ever liked half the groups that showed up in your FRT. A Venn diagram of our musical preferences would have an oh-so-slim intersection. I'd better be careful making the CD for the delivery room!

Dr. Milton von Fünkdoctorspock said...

It's Smashing Pumpkins, not the Smashing Pumpkins, dammit. Bugs me when people put the the in there.

Little known fact: early albums say "Smashing Pumpkins," while later efforts say "The Smashing Pumpkins." No joke. Check SD, then check MCIS.

On to biz:

1. Ray Charles – “Tell the Truth,” from The Birth of Soul (Disc 3)

If what happened to Haley Joel and BWillis in The Sixth Sense happened to Ray Charles, they would’ve had to call the movie The Fifth Sense. Did I just blow your mind? 8/10

2. Nat King Cole – “Orange Colored Sky,” from Unforgettable

This FRT might just become Milt’s next mixtape for his Flavor of the Week. And I think he’ll call that flavor “Intercourse.” One of Nat’s bestest. 10/10

3. Eminem – “Cum on Everybody,” from The Slim Shady LP

M&M is absurdly talented, but his ‘sic gets real old real quick for the good doctor. 6/10

4. The Raveonettes – “Untamed Girls,” from Chain Gang of Love

I’ve bitched about these kids ever since I saw them. They put on a shredding, rocking, ripping good show, but then you get the album and it’s super watered down and a bit nancilicious. Where’s the rocking? Wise up, suckas. This, fortunately, is one of the better album cuts. 7/10

5. The Dresden Dolls – “Mandy Goes to Med School”

Punk cabaret. Wild. Really puts Milt’s punk Raffi cover band to shame. 7/10

6. Bob Dylan – “Desolation Row,” from Live, 1966: The Royal Albert Hall Concert

If this song wasn’t ten minutes, it would’ve been huge (figuratively—at ten minutes it’s already literally huge). 9/10

7. Oxes – “Bees Won,” from Oxxxes

This is the first time I’ve ever heard this band in my life. Not sure where I got it, but apparently someone I know thinks I like hard rock instrumentals. Not bad. “Oxxxes” is certainly the first XXX reference to an ox I’ve ever heard, which has to count for something. 6/10

8. Nirvana – “Baba O’Riley,” from Outcesticide 2

If you haven’t heard of this stellar Who cover band, I highly recommend them. My FRT’s would look a lot different if they never came around. I’m talking Richard Marx different. 7/10

9. Talib Kweli – “Africa Dream,” from Reflection Eternal

Do you think he’s begging Kanye to produce his next album? Big dog is due for a Common-like ‘plosion. 8/10

10. CLS – “Can U Feel It,” from How to Kill the DJ (Part 2)

Grrrrrrrrrrreat mixtape, but hasn’t this song come up for Milt before? The rest of it’s not so house-y. 6/10

74. Damn you, Otto Man! One point. I’ll get you next time….

TravisG said...

That's my favorite Creedence song. The first time I heard it was freshman year of college, in this guy Hart's dorm room. We were, uh, partying, and he played it about 30 times in a row. We all agreed it got better each time we listened.

Then somebody showed up with Achtung, Baby, which had been released that day or that week or something. It was the first time I'd heard that, too. It was a real fun time, regardless, even if I somehow lost a brand-new jacket on a freezing cold night and never hung out with any of those people ever again. Funny how life works, huh?

Otto Man said...

It's Smashing Pumpkins, not the Smashing Pumpkins, dammit.

"Hi, I'm Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins."
"And I'm Homer Simpson, Smiling Politely."

Otto Man said...

That's my favorite Creedence song. The first time I heard it was freshman year of college, in this guy Hart's dorm room. We were, uh, partying, and he played it about 30 times in a row.

Wait a sec. That was you?

Thrillhous said...

That is a great CCR tune.

Dr. MVF, you did indeed blow my mind with the Ray Charles thing. It's like when I first heard the "one man clapping" thing.

[Joey Lawrence]WHOA!![/Joey Lawrence]

The Doc said...

1. Army - Ben Folds Five. Really like this one. Off the less-well-known "Autobiography of Reinhold Messner" album, and this song's got it all. Fuzzy feedback-y bass, horns & strings, clever lyrics and Ben Folds tickling the ivories. Great tune. 8/10.
2. Never Been Done - Ron Sexsmith. Ron Sexsmith is best when he's depressing, and this, dare I say it, is musical treacle. Not bad, but not great. 6/10.
3. Worry Rock - Green Day. Wow, Green Day, huh? From my favourite GD album, so that helps. But this song's nothing special. 6/10.
4. Life And How To Live It - R.E.M. From their college rock days, back when Michael mumbled the lyrics unintellibly. 6/10.
5. Forest - System of a Down. I really like this song. I don't like the newer SoaD albums too much, but this one rocks. 8/10.
6. Night And Day - Django Reinhardt. Great song, great artist. What's not to like? 9/10.
7. Five Years - David Bowie. Is it wrong of me to like the Seu Jorge version of this better? I mean, this one's still good, but something about a Portugese guy singing this with an acoustic guitar makes it that much better. 7/10.
8. Chi City - Common. Speaking of, Dr. Fünk...I really like Common, and this song may not be the strongest from the album, but it's still good. 7/10.
9. Punker Plus - Le Tigre. Political girl rockers making quirky but good music. T-house, back slowly away from this one. 8/10.
10. All Lies - NoMeansNo. A good song, but WAY better in concert. On cd, it just seems a little long (6:27). 7/10.

That leaves me with 7.2. Meh, I can live with that.

Otto Man said...

7. Five Years - David Bowie. Is it wrong of me to like the Seu Jorge version of this better?

Nope. But I've got an Arcade Fire live version that I actually like better than both of 'em. They really scream the hell out of the chorus.

Thrillhous said...

A Venn diagram

I am a jock, you are a nerd, Mrs. T. And I'm not letting you turn our fetus into a nerd!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Some good ones today. I agree, SD, that Autumn just idn't the strongest moment in the 4 Seasons.

Then we got some Django, some S-K, a random appearence ("Random"? Get it?) by By-TOR . . . dah-dah . . . and the Snowwwwwwwwwwwwww Dog (what a silly song!).

And Bad-Ass Nina rockin the Eric B & Animals. Yessss. Although I like her Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood even more.

I don't call Smashing Pumpkins or The Smashing Pumpkins. I call them The Band That Made Two Great Albums Before Billy Corgan bought a copy of Bono's ego and installed it in his own head.

Man, did Gish rock, or what?

Isaac Carmichael said...

Dr. MVF-That reminds me of this Saturday when I was watching cartoons with the boy, and now there's a cartoon called The Batman...stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!

SP lost all credibility when they added the The, in my opinion.

doc-Forest is my favorite SoaD song...I love the Armenian influence!

Geez, I feel like I'm in Spies like us here...Dr. MVF, doc; doc, Dr. MVF; doctor, doctor; doctor, doctor; doctor, and doctor. Did we miss anyone?

Otto Man said...

I'm with you on the other Nina covers, Mike. She makes everything better -- just like curly fries!

Thrillhous said...

I got y'all's back on Forest. SoaD is one of them groups I'm a little embarassed to like, but I likes them. At least Toxicity and the prior album (eponymous?).

Thrillhous said...

Agreed, Mike. By-Tor and the Snow Dog is kinda silly. A dog is the hero? Come on.

Although he did kick some Necromancer ass on the next album. That was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...


Can't follow you down that road. Even in the highest heights of my high school-era Rush lunacy, I never liked Caress of Steel.

Couldn't see what the big deal was about Bastille Day, and songs like I Think I'm Going Bald were just preposterous.

alex supertramp said...

step down fuckers...
I have some comments that must be addressed before I get to gettin it on -- first and foremost, did t'house refer to hisself as a 'jock'? and foremost, ssbob, I assume the uncomfortable part of the tegan and sara question is just who is on top, cause the rest is all good - and dr funk, my mind is in fact blown, making fun of infirmities makes my laugh so hard I usually rip my asscrack, and let's just say I'm bleeding profusely....

1)Walking Stick - Dharma Bums - sweet jesus these guys were the shit (in the good way)... one of the first bands I encountered combining punk and country, and god bless 'em for it....9/10

2)She's Lost Control - Joy Division
oh, old school are we - you know recently when all these poser bands were getting compared to excellent bands from back in the day and many were tossing about Joy Division as an influence -- well fuck them, NONE of them could even lick Ian's shoes when they were at head height because he was hanging from the rafters...10/10

3)Ignition (remix) - R Kelly, Damn. That. Is. Smoove. Bitches....quit hating or I will pee ALL over you, so get up and shake it, Now...8/10

4)I Am the Mountain - Damien Jurado, a relatively mediocre tune from my least favorite release from the amazing Jurado, it still kicks the living shit out of almost anything that has been released recently, one of the best singer-songwriters there is...7/10

5)Talk on Indolence - Avett Brothers, I saw these guys recently and really enjoyed their live show and the indie rock spirit embellished with bluegrass instrumentation. Lots of fun, but I really feel as if I should like these guys more, or would if it didn't feel like such a shtick...6/10

6)Careless Whisper - Ben Folds and Rufus Wainright, holy shit ben is cool, and he makes me get all sad and weepy (in the most ironic way) with this little wham cover (or what it just George Michael? - cheesy as hell, but damn a good song, and ohhh those summer niiiiiighiiights)8/10

7)Star Wars - Akoyo Afrobeat, also saw these guys, great show and lots of energy that helps overcome the 'hip for the moment' feel of some other afrobeat bands...let's get funky now 8/10

8)Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs, I love me some reggae, and this is one of my all time favorites, a smooth ode to getting it on, and only she can quench this thirst....9/10

9)Is Living the Dream - Chris Mills, see Jurado, Damien above. Mills is an amazing musician and while I prefer his americana leanings I can do nothing but bask in the glory of his truly "peerless pop"....8/10

10)Every Fucking City - Paul Kelly, wow, the third installment of my "greatest living singer-songwriter", but I might be biased, and I might change my mind tomorrow, regardless ... this Australian troubadour is just flat out excellent, and this little ode to traveling the world playing music and looking for love, and lust, is a winner and bright dose of melancholy...9/10

TravisG said...

Wait a sec. That was you?

I was half-expecting that, actually.

"Night Time," Wayne County & The Electric Chairs – Oooh, the oldies.

"Lufuala Ndonga," Konomo No. 1 – This stuff is the best. It's a bunch of African dudes who somehow amplified those plinky instruments you can buy at those rain-foresty stores at the mall (what are those called?). Hypnotic, awesome, avante garde and fun.

"Come Again," Billy Nicholls – Not quite the lost Carnaby Row classic it's been purported, but a lovely little pop record.

"Only Loved At Night," The Raincoats – If The Slits covered Tom Waits, but quietly, it'd sound a lot like this.

"Franklin's Tower," Grateful Dead – I think this might be my favorite song of theirs, but it could be that other one.

"Sway," The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers is probably their best album, song for song, but I guess I end up listening more to Exile on Main Street.

"Boom!" System of a Down – Their songs depress the hell out of me.

"The Passenger," Iggy Pop – Great song? (I got nothin').

"Clocks (Röyksopp remix)," Coldplay – These guys usually sound the way iPods look, but this remix adds a nice, squelchy keyboard riff and actual rhythmic elements.

"I Might Be Wrong," Radiohead – Someone played a whole bunch of songs from OK Computer last night at the bar, and it kind of made me feel like I was in Europe as I looked out the window at the drizzle.

TravisG said...

Yeah, Alex, "Night Nurse" is pretty boss.

Otto Man said...

I was half-expecting that, actually.

It was low-hanging fruit, but I'm a lazy, lazy man.

TravisG said...

Et tu, Ot-to?

alex supertramp said...

this is for those NY types -- I'm looking at your sexy little booty otto --- the site says this is sold out, but the central park summer stage show on Aug 17 is Gnarls Barkley and Peeping Tom for a mere $35 bucks ... GO, do it, seriously, DO IT.....