Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Viral Logic

Innocent civilians dying in the Middle East. Don't stop the killing now; let's wait until we get a "lasting settlement."

Homeless people hungry? Make it illegal to feed them so you can "address the issues."


Thrillhous said...

Wow, for a second I thought the homeless people thing was sarcasm.

I didn't know you could outlaw other people's generosity.

I really really hope this is one of the things that stays in Vegas.

Mike said...

Uh-oh, Irony Alert:

Las Vegas is (along with Miami) ground zero for the bust of the housing bubble . . .

. . . and it's illegal to be homeless there!

I guess "what happens here stays here" doesn't apply to "lose your house through foreclosure."

sideshow bob said...

There's some interesting commentary over on the Shannonosphere regarding the homeless in Vegas issue. She lives in Vegas and is familiar with the park in question.

Tokyo Joe said...

As for the Middleeast situation, I think this link is a very interesting analogy.

Boxing & the Middle East

It might over simplify the situation, but there is something to be said for it.

Thrillhous said...

Tokyo, I think that analogy does oversimplify too much to be of use. Lebanon is not a bully picking on a little guy.

Tokyo Joe said...

Maybe Lebanon by itself isn't much of a bully, but if you look at the number of Muslim/Arab countries surrounding Israel, then they start to look more like the "little guy".

and while I admit the analogy isn't perfect, it does illustrate the idea of teaching a lesson the hard way. Lebanon should have cleaned up that part of their country years ago, but they ignored the situation (or even made it worse) and now they are paying the price. It is terrible that innocent people in Lebanon are being killed, but let us not forget that innocent Israelies are also being killed. the difference is that the Israelies don't target the civilians or hide behind them. Of course the fact that they have a huge technological advantage means they don't have to, but having a tech advantage doesn't mean they should just lie down and take the abuse.

I saw an article the other day where in a press conference Hezbollah actually admitted that they "underestimated" Israel's response. I think that not only is that a huge understatment, but also one of the hearts of the issue. The fact that Hezbollah not only expected a certain level of reprissal, but were willing to pay that price just shows that they have no interest in peace and won't stop easily. Hopefully peace can come about soon, but I also hope that the Israelies get a break from the near constant terrorist attacks.

Thrillhous said...

Definitely agree, TJ, that Israel should defend itself from the sicko hezbollah terrorists. I also wish the moderates in Lebanon (and around the region) would reign in the crazies, but my sense is that that is extremly hard to do. Hezbollah is far, far stronger than the Lebanese army; Israel is clearly not getting the results it hoped for, and it is the preeminent military power in the region.

I would also say that while Israel doesn't want to kill civilians, it seems their definition of enemy combatant is even more vague than ours. To extend the bar fight analogy put forth at the link you cited, it's as if the man being picked on has decided to not just hit the bully but to hit every person who may be associated with the bully, including women and children.

Forcing an enemy to submit is very satisfying, but it does not necessarily bring long-lasting peace. Even in the boxing analogy, we only know that the bully got beat up, we don't know how his behavior may have changed.

In fact, the whole idea that you punch a bully in the nose to make him leave you alone sounds like nonsense to me. Sure didn't work that way in NC public schools.

Mr Furious said...

TJ, you make some good points.

Here's the problem I've always had with Israel...they punish Lebanon or the Palestinian Authority (or whoever) for not controlling what basically amounts to the criminal element in their midst by destroying the police station, Defense Ministry or what have you. Effectively rendering that authority impotent to controlling anything. Thereby guaranteeing this cycle continues...

How is methodically destroying the entire infrastructure of Lebanon supposed to do anything to bring Hezbollah under the control of the government? That country is now crippled in nearly every possible way, and will have to devote all resources to basic survival. In the meantime, Hezbollah has barely been scratched—I'd argue their power and stature has been increased.

That strategy sucks and seems doomed to fail.