Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Turning Japanese

Yeah, yeah. I know the internet tubes are all clogged with YouTube clips that no one watches, but trust me on this one. It's the greatest bit of film since "Football in the Groin."


InanimateCarbonRod said...

A billion reality shows and we still can't get stuff this entertaining in the US.

sideshow bob said...

What the hell is going on with Japan?

And why can't they do this on American Idol?

Otto Man said...

I'm stunned that they beat us to it, frankly. We must close the Racking Gap before the Japanese leave us in their ball-busting dust!

Smitty said...

We really fucked them up. Samauri and martial discipline to ball-smacking gameshows.

Bob said...

You know if they would bust Wheel of Fortune game show contestants in the balls for screwing up, I might actually watch that moronic show. If they busted right-wing ass-wipe Pat Sajak in the balls for fabulous prizes, I would fly to Burbank and be a contestant.

In case you want to take worldly advice from a dickhead, who hosts a TV game show, feel free to go here.

Makes a good laugh, but he's even less creative than Smitty's critic: "red, white and brew".

Otto Man said...

Wow. That is painfully bad.

I do love the 7th grade class picture poses, though. I can understand how he couldn't choose between the one-hand-on-chin pose and the two-hands-on-chin pose. Solomon couldn't solve that one.

Thrillhous said...

Ha! Thanks for the Sajak refresher, Bob. He stopped writing his communiques for awhile; there was a message at his "Sajak says" page about how people were taking his essays the wrong way. Can't imagine how.

Samauri and martial discipline to ball-smacking gameshows.