Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blast Bucket

Newsflash: the Humvee sucks against IEDs. Therefore, we need new Urban Assault Vehicles. The Pentagon is speeding up production. They'll be ready to defend our troops in Iraq by 2008.

Again: 2008 is the target date for rolling out the new vehicle. Anyone remember the good ol' days?
It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months.
At least this model will pay attention to one thing that we can't ask of civilians.
[The new vehicle will have] lower fuel consumption, to reduce the need for supply convoys that have been targets of insurgents.

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Otto Man said...

Great. At least when Bush turns this turkey of a war over to his successor, they'll finally have adequate vehicles.

Seriously, I saw something on the news last month about how when Rumsfeld makes one of his surprise visits, they put him in an extra-special armored vehicle because the ones the troops use aren't safe. Nice.

Too bad the generals there can't tell Rummy that it's first-come first-served from now on, and make him take his chances in the normal Hummers. Bet that would upgrade the armor really quickly.