Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Real Adventures in Bizarro Land

I titled a recent post about Michael Barone's spin on Watergate as "Adventures in Bizarro Land," but I've recently discovered another group of GOP groupies who've left Barone and all semblance of sanity in their dust.

There's a new comic book out there, called "Liberality," in which a select group of bio-engineered conservative talk show hosts -- headed by Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North -- does battle in the year 2021 against the evil forces of liberalism that are headed by President Chelsea Clinton and Vice President Michael Moore and in alliance with the evil one-worlders of the UN and global statesman Osama Bin Laden.

Read that sentence again. Makes the bare-bones plot outline of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" seem plausible, right? I mean, I'd accept a talking wad of meat before I'd buy the concept of G. Gordon Liddy, Avenging Superhero. Just look at it:

Anyway, here's just a tiny sampling of the comic's paranoia synopsis from their website:
Tomorrow is September 11, 2021, the twentieth anniversary of the horror of 9/11, or as it has become more politically correct to say “the unfortunate events resulting from the uprising of middle-eastern fundamentalist Islam”. Just days before his arrival in NYC, Bin Laden made a brief visit to Iraq, now a nuclear power that is run by the vicious Uday Hussein. In Iraq, Bin Laden received a tactical nuke that is now contained in his private diplomatic briefcase. Bin Laden plans far more than an apology at the Unity Tower.

F.O.I.L. has become aware of Bin Laden’s plot to destroy NYC and has devised a plan to stop him while simultaneously gaining permanent control of LIB’s satellite network. Unfortunately, U.N. Forces have discovered the secret location of the F.O.I.L. Lair. It is a race against the clock to save NYC from a nuclear holocaust and the world from liberal domination. Only with F.O.I.L.’s help, can “Liberality For All” once again become “Liberty For All!”

Only conservatives could control every aspect of U.S. government and still feel the need to complain in graphic detail how everything would've been much, much worse under the dominion of evil liberals, who would've cozied up to Osama and not avenged 9/11.

Well, thank God here in our reality we had the firm leadership of President Bush, who caught, convicted and executed Osama Bin Laden in record time and simultaneously avenged 9/11 by invading a country that had nothing to do with the attacks.


alex supertramp said...

i think i just vomited...luckily I caught it in my mouth.

Thrillhous said...

Even after browsing their web site, I can't tell if they're serious. My guess is they're just desperately looking for an audience, any audience.

By the way, tomorrow I'll be starting a daily "When Cowardly Librul Attacks on America Go Wrong" series.

Christopher said...

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Yossarian said...

This and the defeat of Hackett yesterday - my soul dies just a little bit more.

Luckily we have bloggers like Christopher who have inspired me with his words completely off topic and make no sense. Thank you Christopher - you complete me.

Willowsss said...

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Bryant said...

Yeah I saw this too - crazy stuff.

Check it out- ->

Otto Man said...

Yos, take heart in the results of the Hackett race. The last few elections, Republicans were winning by 40+ points, and this time they squeaked through with a 4-point margin. As Charlie Cook noted, that's a big red siren for the GOP and a great sign of things to come for the Dems in '06. Chin up.

Otto Man said...

The more I look over that comic, the more I'm struck by the insanity of the basic premise -- that if Al Gore had been president on 9/11, America would have gone into national therapy sessions and never struck back. Do conservatives really believe that? Democrats were maybe a percentage point behind Republicans in supporting the war in Afghanistan -- do conservatives think that it was only the incredible persuasive powers of President Bush that got their support? Jesus, a tree sloth could've been in the White House on 9/12 and the response would have been the same: Hulk Smash.

Scott said...

It's funny that you mention their control of all three branches of federal government. You ask why they feel the need to stil bash liberals and say "how much worse" it would have been. Take a look at how bad things are now. Normally, they would like to say, "see how good things are under Republicans?" Now, all they can say is, "Imagine how much worse things would be under Democrats." It's the Herbert Hoover lie that can't last.